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Emotional episode and flutter


I was trying to reply to a post written by teach to learn but page would not allow any replies. It kept saying "reply to group" tried to stay on same page but it would not work. Anyway teach to learn wrote in previous page about having "emotional episode" overriding ablation and flecinide. Was curious about that. Also I am experiencing flutter short in duration but almost everyday now after 1st ablation 5 months ago.

Does anyone have any feedback on flutter? Certainly not the same as my afib was before ablation but thinking it is bound to get worst. Thanks

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Hi Eliza,

I had a atrial flutter procedure, a few months ago. What do you need to know? You can sent a private post to me if you wish.

Best Wishes


Eliza1 in reply to Barry24

I don't know how to send private post would like to.

Barry24 in reply to Eliza1

Hi Eliza1

Click on your name

Click on messages

Click on compose

In the "send to" box type in my name.



My first ablation was for flutter, second for AF. You apparently have it the other way around.

Flutter is caused by a runaway electrical signal racing around the atrium. The ablation involves drawing a line across the atrium to block the signal. AF is a whole different animal.

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