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Digoxin for AF

I take 125mcg each day in the morning and this has been very successful after being unable to tolerate beta blockers(very breathless) I was one and a half months before I found out that these act better taken on an empty stomach .I also take losartan but as I find difficulty because of the side effects I don`t take until 2pm so I have usually done all my chores and can slow down. Anyone with this condition just work around the negatives, life is too short to give in to it. Good luck change your meds around as long as they fall with the 24hrs that they are supposed to cover it doesn`t have negative effects just because I stagger them.

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Hi my Losartan says to be taken at night! I also take Digoxin in the morning with Bisopral,Apixaban and Bendroflumethiazide,only been on Digoxin since Sunday after 11months on Amiodarone !

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I take Apixiban,Indapamide and digoxin in the morning and Losartan at teatime. When I was started on Amiodarone after the second day I had to stop as I couldn`t breath or even walk to my car. The digoxin does take time to come up to full effect, but other than being breathless when I walk or work I am symptom free. I shall see my EP in April.


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