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Saw cardio today he said delay in having ablation due to cath lab being updated new equipment ect he rang my EP and asked him to bump me up the list as I have had 3cvs in 6montns he cut my candesartan in half as b p very low and wants me to have a sleep apnea test as I have been very tired also have to have another echo as he has found a murmur oh um another day in the life of AF xx

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Hi Mazza,

Sorry to hear about your problems, hopefully things will improve for you quickly.

Best Wishes


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I have sleep apnea and am now using a CPAP machine, not the sexiest look but it has improved my quality of life so much. The sleep study is a breeze, similar to a holter ECG. The staff at my local hospital who look after that side of things are really good.

My EP referred me and told me that sleep apnea is thought to be one of the main reasons for AF returning after successful ablation so sounds like you have a cardio who is really on the ball. Hope it goes well with the echo, I know it is a pain attending so many appointments but you are being very well monitored by the sounds of it.


3CVS in 6 months is pretty good going.I,ve been told my waiting list here in Manchester is 8-10 months.I,m interested,are you private and in which part of the country are you located.Best of luck when you finally have the cvs.



Hi David no I am not private but I am in Australia just go into ER and they do it after the normal tests I think because I also have L Q T S and can't take most drugs x


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