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I have been watching with interest all you comments on different treatments.

What I have found is that most people regard ablation of the av node and pacemaker implantation as second best, while this may be so for a lot of you that have got atrial fibrillation alone, I have got lung problems as well.

My new cardio told me the facts in words a layperson understands (obviously thinks we are all thick) and the chances of me surviving a 2 to 5 hour operation would be 50-50 that I would die on the operating table. While I don't like the idea of relying on a pacemaker to keep me alive I think it must be better than I feel at this moment. I have suffered from extrinsic allergic alveolitis from a property I rented, this is what ruined my lungs. Can I say I am a qualified dance teacher and was able to work every day dancing and talking students through routines without being breathless at all, now I can't get to the bathroom without gasping for breath.

I do find that some of the negativity on here is upsetting as some of us don't have a real choice of treatment.

I hope you all get the treatment you wish for and wish you all love light and angel blessings.

It has taken me over a year to get to a cardio electrophysiologist that knows what they are doing so I am grabbing it with both hands while I still can.

Regard Angela

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Angela. When I had an ablation 18 months ago I was told that a 2nd ablation would never be attempted because of the fibrosis which they had encountered. I know full well that this was caused by aggressive radiotherapy to my shoulder because of cancer in my left arm. Fortunately my AF is now mild but if things deteriorate then pace and ablate will be the next step. This is not " second best," - it will be a very necessary procedure, although I hope it never happens.

Ablation of the AV node is a very daunting prospect and would be a last resort. However, if my EP recommended it then I would consider that all other options had been ruled out.

Discussions on this site are usually positive and hugely supportive. Knowledge is power and gives you the chance of making the best of a rotten situation,

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To be honest i am very glad that pace and ablate is there either as a last resort or for those unable to have ablation for whatever reasons. At least i know that if ablations fail and if my symptoms are bad, there will be something to improve my quality of life. I know that it doesnt stop the A.F. but it is the high heart rate not the irregularity that is the problem for me. I am awaiting second ablation and hope it solves the problem but i would certainly not turn my nose up at anything my E.P. felt would improve things.

There are a few people on this site for whom pace and ablate has really helped so i hope you get an answer from them.x

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Hi I had pace and ablate last year aged 49 after putting up with this horrid condition which took over my life,,treatment which I have never regretted,I have my life back and am so grateful, I was offered

Wendi c


Thanks for the "love. light, and angel blessings" and good luck to you!


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