When did you have a pacemaker?

I have had 4 ablations since 2008 and still have PAF, I can get on with home life quite well (apart from AF grumpiness) but I struggle with work. My employers are being fairly understanding but are actively looking at finishing me on capability grounds (my sickness is currently 30 percent). As I am the breadwinner my job is crucial and I am now wondering if a pacemaker could be the answer.

My ep says that at 53 I am to young and I was wondering if any of you had a pacemaker done at a similar age or for similar reasons?

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  • I have had PAF for ever, increasingly so as I get older. I have had a "hole-in-the-heart" closure, which did nothing for the AF, so then my Cardiologist suggested a pacemaker, which was fitted about 10 years ago, with a replacement fitted about 6 months ago. I'm sorry to say that the pacemaker has made no difference at all to the AF, which continues to bug my life with its symptoms of tiredness, breathlessness, headaches, dizziness, nausea etc etc. All I really want to say is think very hard before having a pacemaker. Maybe it will work for you, but talk to everyone you can before going ahead. Good luck.

  • Thanks for that, I always thought that a pacemaker stopped all the symptoms from showing, thanks for shedding light on it.

  • I thought the pacemaker would end my symptoms - the disappointment I felt when it didn't was awful! I hate AF, but I can't do much about it - have tried all the drugs - amiodorone, flecainide etc - none of them helped. All the best with your treatments, hope you can find something to help.

  • A pacemaker will not stop AF .It will maintain a steady ventricular beat which may help your symptoms but the atrium will continue playing its own tune.. Remember also that at your current age you may need up to two or three battery /PM changes .

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