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One of today's threads talks about heart rates and AF. I wish I had a heart rate as low as some of you with AF My average resting rate is 72bpm but most if the time it is in the 80s to 90s depending on activity. I have a "severely incompetent pulmonary valve" and my heart feels like there is a box of frogs in it sometimes. I know I have frequent ectopics and sometimes very minuscule arrhythmic episodes followed by an irregular HR. MY Alivecor always says my readings are normal. They don't look normal to me. I took a 2 minute reading to my GP who thought it looked normal as far as she could see. My question is : does Alivecor pick up anything else other than AF and would it tell me other than saying everything is normal.. Am waiting for a Holtor monitor reading taken on 4th December.



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  • Hi, since my ablation (4 weeks ago) my resting HR is about 75 but quickly goes up as soon as I am active.

    For a few days I had a 'classic' rhythm recording which was very exciting but now it is very zigzaggy with ectopics and pauses but Alivecor says Normal although just like you I don't think it looks normal! I don't think Alivecor is made to detect anything other than AF automatically. I have noticed that since my ablation the notorious BFx score went down much lower than usual but when my recording is 'bumpy' it is twice as high, so maybe I have found a use for it at last.....

    It will be interesting to hear the results of your Holter monitor, I am wondering if I will have one when I have my 12 week check up.

  • 72 is average heart rate for the population and what a pacemaker is normally set at. Anything between 60 and 80 is considered normal but some cardiologists are not worried up to 100. Any HR lower than 60 and the person is either very fit or very ill. I once found a 75 year old ex lifeboat man with a HR of 33 who could run rings round me. Not difficult mind. ha ha.

  • My pacemaker is set at 60

  • After 3 ablations and a final diagnosis of 'you'll just have to live with it' my heart rate was going down below 50 (they recorded 29 after the 3rd ablation) so consequently because my problem is controlled by drugs which slows my heart I have had to have a pacemaker fitted, set at a range of 50-130. Apparently it only kicks in 15% of the time....probably at night.

    My highest recorded bpm was 140 in AF but now when I flutter (AF has gone) it ranges between 80 and 90, sometimes up to a 100. Not particularly fast I know, but trying to 'walk fast' with the flutters doesn't half hurt the chest...that's when the spray comes in :-)

    I've got no Alivecor, just use the finger and a blood pressure monitor.

  • Self diagnosis of heart tracings is not the best idea in the world. They are very difficult to interpret and a single line tracing is only a very small part of the overall picture. If your GP or cardio think it looks ok then it probably is. I've looked at some of my own home made ecg tracings and have concluded on more than one occasion I should be in intensive care! I don't bother any more.

  • I think you are probably right!,


  • Before my Pacemaker implant- my recorded HR varied on Ambulance ECG strip as 30 to 289. With SSS it bounced up and down continually.... Pick a number?

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