Warfarin again!!!

As many of you know, I'm back on warfarin in readiness from my 2nd ablation on the 28th of Jan. There was a bit of a panic over what dosage I should start on because the op is looming but it was decided to do 2 weeks at 2mg and then up it to 5mg so it could be tweaked in the final couple of weeks. This meant I had to go for inr tests twice a week to make sure it didn't rocket because of the dosage being upped so quickly. So here we are after 4 weeks with a lovely steady inr of 2.3. However today my usual lovely doctor was not available to confirm my dosage and the old fart of the practice had to do it instead, he has insisted that I drop the dosage to 3mg because I've come up too quickly. I tried to explain why, all he could tell me was its against protocol. So where do I go from here? Do I drop my dosage and watch my inr drop out of range or do I ignore him and stay on the 5mg and hope my levels stay stable until I see my own doctor on Tuesday? I really need to be ready for the ablation, I don't want to lose out because of an old relic

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  • I think you already know the answer to that my dear although of course none of us should tell you. Happy Christmas.


  • Yes I know Bob, just feel so frustrated about it all

  • I've never heard of that and certainly the Anticoagulation sister who started me on warfarin when I switched from apixaban to warfarin in preparation for my ablation never mentioned that. Do you want me to look up what I was started on January last year?

  • Thanks Peter, I've spoken to my son (paramedic) and I've decided to take his advice. It's only a few days over Christmas and if there's any damage my doctor will be able to adjust my dosage. He also said a few glasses of wine over the next few days will also compensate.

  • I'm hugely sympathetic. I once did something naughty with warfarin and was very glad that I had done so.

  • Me too!

  • Because of other things this doctor didn't do my son is going to write a letter of complaint so I shall play it by the book and use wine to compensate...much more fun than tablets

  • Absolutely. I find two glasses of wine equals about 1/2 mg . I fell out of range a few weeks ago since the weather stopped my glass or two before dinner on the terrace so a small rum at bed time sorted that out. Drink responsibly? Pah! Don't drink till you have stopped driving for the day. It is hard to get wine stains off the steering wheel.

    Have a great Christmas.

  • If you're having your INR checked twice a week then what on earth is he or she concerned about ???????

  • PS If you're unhappy, and you have every reason to be, then insist on seeing your normal doctor again asap, or ask to talk over the phone.

  • She's not available until the Tuesday after Christmas Koll, an appointment has already been booked !!!!

  • I was lamenting a Christmas without wine because of the warfarin.....I know....any excuse !!!!!

  • I have been carrying out my own research on the effect of red wine on warfarin. So far I have detected no adverse effect and am therefore increasing my dose....of red wine that is!

  • Mine's a large glass of red please !

  • Sorry you ve got this annoyance, specially now. I agree with Bob. hope you can enjoy Christmas, I m wishing you a very happy one anyway! X

  • Thanks Jan, you too. X

  • Not sure where you are Mamma but in the Blackpool area there are daily warfarin clinics held at various locations so you can always ring up or just go to one of them and speak to the anti coag team for advice or a check up.

    Probably the hospital you will be attending for your ablation would have an anti coag team/unit that would put your mind at rest if you spoke to them. My experience was that early on my dose changed by 2-3mg a visit (now at 6 and 7 alternate days and my INR stays around 2.9) before it settled but managed by twice weekly visits.

    either way I would enjoy Christmas (wine, sprouts and all) as they will manage your INR up to the ablation either way.

  • I'm sure my lovely doctor will sort things out when I see her on Tuesday

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