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Another first

Haven't been feeling too good for a few days, a virus has laid me quite low, been sleeping quite a bit, the AF has been kicking in and out. Today I had to go out to get a few groceries, milk, bread etc, I got as far as Tescos picked up a couple of things and wallop, down I went like a sack of potatoes, out for the count, no warning no numbness, no nothing, fortunately the young chap behind me caught me before I hit the floor. The staff there were brilliant, called an ambulance, which I cancelled, called my husband to come and fetch me (all 200 yards away) gave me sips of water and protected me from looky loos. I managed to get an emergency appointment with my GP who checked me over, he was concerned I might have had a TIA, but we decided it wasn't and most likely the strain of running a temperature, a bit of AF and the virus. Mike has decided I need a minder, I'm not allowed out on my own anymore and of course definitely no driving arrrrg, I hate not having my independence!!

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Sorry to hear that and you will be relieved that it wasn't too bad. However next time it probably would be prudent to let the paramedics come because if it had been worse below the surface they would have been in a good position to help. My GP told me that from my BP and HB readings and notes there are at least 3 occasions where I should have gone to A&E as to opposed to the once that I did 999 and went by ambulance.

Those who often are very willing to help others and go out of their way to do so are the worst ones to accepting help (but equally don't like being ignored). I know because I fall into these classifications!!!! I take after my paternal grandmother and father in that respect!!!!

Just accept the help and grin and bear it!!!!


Loosing your independence comes hard, I know your right, but it's hard


That really is scary but I am sure it was the virus. Take it easy.

All the best,



I shall be taking it easy Bob, I've never blacked out in this way, usually I get numb lips or feel my strength sapping, it was a little bit scary. But all is well now


So pleased to hear that you are on the mend. It must have been scary for both of you. All the best . X


I had a blackout last March at tbe end of a strenuous walk - turned out to be a combination of flecainide & bisoporal - taken off the flecainide And lowered the dose of bisoporal. Fine after that.

After I had an ablation procedure for atrial flutter taken off bisoporal and put on sotalol - 80 mg twice a day - need to check with EP about its use though.

After the blackout the EP told me i couldn't drive for 3 months so as a result did a lot more walking - that was good for me - but the sotalol seems to 'slow me down'.

Further questions will be asked.

See your EP.

Stay well.


So sorry to hear that Mamacass, I totally get the losing the Independance bit as when I couldn't drive or go anywhere on my own last year it drove both me and my husband slightly crackers, mainly because everything just took twice as long and we bickered about timing, where to go and just about everything we could! It was 6 months before I could do anything on my own, hope you improve much faster.

If it is the virus you will soon be feeling better so Peter's advice is good as I have learned that trying to fight through any illness now no longer works as I just get worse for longer. Although I no longer have AF I developed an autoimmune disease which in many ways is far mor disabling. Whenever I get as much as a sniffle I am in bed nowadays and then usually ok for the following day - we now call it 'managing' my condition! LOL.

Best wishes CD


Not good, one thing my cardiologist has said to me , when you are ill you are ill and you need to accept with AF that you need to accept that and if you can avoid it really lay up until you are better - not easy but would have saved me a lot of trouble with the last episode !


Hi MammaCass, I am so sorry that you are having such a rotten time of it. I well remember your pre and post ablation reports which were so positive and helpful.

I think that we should all take careful note of recent posts which all indicate that we should be aware of the effects of viruses on our AF.

Very best wishes for Christmas and 2016.


Thank you all for you're supportive posts, I'm feeling very much better this morning. I love the term 'managing my condition' so that's what I shall be doing from now on. I was a bit silly to push things while being poorly, but I've never been one to let a bit of a cold stop me getting on and doing. I've cancelled going to a girlie Christmas night out on the pier tonight, ( bugger, I was looking forward to it, just imagine 20 ladies of a certain age taking free rides on the pier, sitting down to a Christmas meal cooked by someone else and dancing the night away at a 60s disco. The ticket said carriages at 1am) I think I'd be pushing it a bit too far with that and I don't want to inffect any of my friends. Mince pies and mulled wine on Saturday evening may however be possible!!!

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Sorry to hear that MammaCass. Thank goodness someone caught you as you fell, it probably saved you from some bruises. It does sound like it was the virus that caused this as its the only time its happened.

We AF people do tend to put every ailment we have down to our hearts, me especially and I'm trying to stop doing so.

Hope that you stay well now.



I think that quite a number of aspects are down to our hearts. One thing that I have learnt / now appreciate in my AF journey is how sophisticated and balanced the human body is and actually how many parts are interrelated. Also it is my perception that many people on he actually have at least one other ailment. Consequently with one or two things going wrong there are triggers for other things to go out of balance, probably inpart due to our bodies diverting the fight cells and resources to try and tackle AF (but they don't get too far!!!) and consequently other things that are just below the surface then pop up to the fore.


Hope you recover. Ann's doing well with her radiotherapy, but shares your frustration about not being able to drive! - unfortunately for her looks like it's unlikely to change. Hope to see you at the next lunch


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Good to hear Ann's doing well Lance, it'll be nice to catch up with everyone in the new year


Do hope your feeling better,take things steady enjoy your Christmas let others help you a little.

I wish you well.


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