Woke at 1 am with room spinning

Hi all , I woke at 1 am this morning with the room spinning I felt sick it settled down as I got up and went for some water I went red hot too , I tried going back to sleep but as soon as I started drifting off it happened again and again ,my pulse felt regular , I've had a stomach bug all weekend was really bad with it , could this be anything to do with af or the meds I've been on bisoprolol 2.5 mg flecanide 50 morning 100 evening and warfarin , I did have this several years ago and was an inner ear infection I do hope it's the latter , cheers a very tired Paul

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  • HI Paul , yes labrinthitus is nasty. I had it some years ago and every so often it comes back for a day or so. Try Stemetil to stop you feeling sick. Have to ride it out usually but if you can't stop being sick then ring the doc as they can give you an injection. I doubt it is anything to do with AF or meds but nothing is impossible.

  • Hi bob , I thought my time was up all she wrote lol , not been too bad at work very tired managed by some miracle to get into the docs later , I appreciate you taking time to reply bob thank you

  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell.

    Hope things improve over the next few days.

    Best Wishes


  • Thank you Barry, just scared the life out of me really did think my number was up , doctor says its vertigo/ labrinthitus as Bob said an infection in the inner ear and will clear on its own , one thing after another these days ,had a tummy virus over the weekend which more than likely caused this , anyway wishing you a great merry Christmas Barry cheers Paul

  • Hi Paul - This sounds exactly like the episode I had a few months ago. In my case what my pulse was doing in my wrist didn't match the actually extremely fast beats my heart was doing. Like you I felt dizzy, sick and extremely hot! I dialled 111 for advice and they sent paramedics who explained the situation and took me to hospital. I have a stethescope now, so that next time I'll know just what my heart is doing. For a short while I also struggled to keep conscious and felt really unwell for quite a long time. This was the worst episode I've ever had in all my ten years of paroxysmal AF. Just be aware that if your pulse feels normal in your wrist that's not always the case and your heart could be racing away.

    Lets hope it was just an ear infection you had.


  • Thanks Jean , I never even thought about putting the blood pressure monitor on which also does my pulse lol , I read up on the labirynthitus/ vertigo and it said extremely dizzy , feeling sick and high temperature so also sound the same for your af attack a bit puzzled I will Deffo use my blood pressure machine next time for a more accurate reading of my pulse thank you and merry Christmas

  • Don't forget though that your blood pressure monitor may not read correctly if your heart is beating so fast that that the pulse is not reaching your arm. I don't know if vertigo/labirynthitus can come and go as quickly as you describe yours did.

  • Hi again , when I had af before the ablation my pulse used to bounce around from about 90 to 150 and very irregular that was in hospital , it used to last anything from couple of hours to 20 hrs , but as soon as I stood up out of bed this time the dizzy spell went until I lay back down on my back and started to drift into sleep it would start again , I slept propt up last night and was ok .im still on all my meds for the af , I don't feel as lifeless today as I would have done if I'd had af neither , can't be certain which it was but doctor seems to think the vertigo/ labirinthitis and it did feel the same as last time I had it , thanks again Paul

  • If you have one specifically designed for AFib it will be much more accurate for both BP and HB especially when compared to wrist monitors. When I compared that with a well known wrist monitor the difference was upto 40%!!!! Taking your HR with an AliveCor or similar will be a bit more accurate than the AFib one. For me sometimes they correlate pretty well (I take HR on AliveCor first then use cuff BP monitor which also gives HB and also tells me that I am in AF !!!). However when my heart is jumping around or I feel not so good because of getting loads rogue signals the accuracy is less with the BP monitor.

  • Isn't the heart rate taken through the fingertips with the AlivecCor? If the pulse isn't reaching your arm, how can that work?

  • Good question

  • The difference between labyrinthine is that it will happen if you move your head. If you lay really still and don't move your eyes either, it settles. Cardiac would cause dizziness even if you are still.

    If it happened rolling over in bed and when getting up the. Chances are it's more likely to be the ear.

  • Funny enough I had exactly same thing on Sunday, came on suddenly

    and had to lie down to stop feeling sick, still wobberly on Monday.

    Had the same thing on holiday in August and had to spend the day in bed.

    Had a really bad cold and thought that was the cause this week.

  • Thanks for all the replys ,

    It is quite confusing really I may have rolled onto my back whilst sleeping which bought it on , it sempt to be every time I sat up it settled quickly then back down on my back it would start over , I never had any symptoms like this if it was af before the ablation it would just make me a little more tired and thud in my chest , but who nows thanks again Paul

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