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Having had a TIA a month ago and spending eight hours and numerous scans- X-rays-tests at the stroke unit at Rotherham hospital Iwas finally diagnosed with AF : I had never heard of it before although I had suffer years of having really off days but just shrugged it off: now I am prescribed eliquis-digoxin-simvastatin-furosemide what a cocktail I can no longer take asprin- ibrufen or paracetamol: feeling really frustrated I'm 65 and now feel 85: had to visit the consultant last week my heart rate was 120 instead of 60 and I feel so tired :

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I am so sorry that you have joined us via the TIA route. You will find this AF community hugely supportive and it is your means of gaining knowledge.

Always keep in mind that attacks of AF won't kill you. The effects, such as clot formation, are the problems. You will need to be on anticoagulant for life.

Be proactive in your management of AF. If the drugs aren't suiting you then say so. There are different ones to try. You may need to see an Electrophysiologist to assess your on-going treatment.

I had not heard of AF either but there are apparently over 1,000,000 in the UK with it -and many don't know that they have it. To explain to people I just say "I have an electrical problem with my heart. It sometimes is erratic."

Can I suggest that you keep a diary of your episodes and drug taking so that you have a reference when you see a consultant?

If you want to moan or have any questions then this is the site for you.

Best wishes


Sorry to hear that Angell. I wrote a bit earlier today that when I first met my EP (heart rhythm specialist) just over two years ago I felt old and past it, so I know exactly what you mean about feeling 85. There are many ways forwards for you. AF is not a one size fits all thing. We are all different, but I'm back to being in my sixties again now, so do not feel that the way you feel now will necessarily continue.

All the best!

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I know exactly why you mean, I also have had times when I felt ancient. Hopefully when the meds are in your system you will start to feel more normal.

Take care


Agree with the above replies, basically you do feel better once you and your EP have sorted out the correct drugs for you.


Don't despair I know it's a shock when told you have af. I had heard of it before I got it.afriend of mine was a very keen cyclist and he trained hard and developed af when under 40 years old. Just shows you don't have to be old to get it.

I've had it 3 years now and it's getting more often now but does not not last long. It does tire me out and I get chest pains with it but you must carry on and try to put up with it. There is light at end of tunnel. Good luck with it and feel free to come back and let us all know how you are getting on


Could you just change the "85" to "105" please ?


Hi Fletch,

While catching up on past posts, came across your reply and LOL x 10 :)




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