Bisoprolol 1.25mg

I,vet been taking these for 4 months now,I know they,re a small dose but they make me feel so horrible and affected my breathing, I feel I,m not the active person I used to be. I can,t remember what it was like before when I had palpitations and attacks of svt. I,m still waiting for an appointment to look into having an ablation,I,veread many posts on here that have put me off having it done, it would be just my luck for it to fail, I,ve never been good at taking drugs of any sort they affect my wellbeing, also I feel unwell. I don,t have. Confidence in my g.p at all, he wasn't,t very helpful before the episode of svt where I was admitted to hospital.. I just don,t know which way to turn at the moment!

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  • I have taken Bisoprolol for over 20 years. You may well get used to it.

    Ablations are in the majority successful. It is not the most pleasant experience and you do need to rest a lot immediately afterwards but all in all, for most folk, it is worth it.

    Ask lots of questions.


  • Like you, I never felt well trying to take any of the meds. Do you have a good EP who can talk you through the pros and cons of having an ablation? For many of us they completely changed our quality of life for the better. Don't be afraid to be your own best advocate.

  • I,m waiting for an appointment to go to Barts hospital London,it's taking a long time. I,ve written many questions to ask when I go.

  • Just really surprised that you have taken them for so long if they make you feel so bad. Many people suffer this reaction from Bisoprolol - other medications are available so I would suggest you return to your doctor and ask for a different medication,

    I have had 2 ablations and it gave me 2 years + free of AF. It has now returned but it is not nearly as symptomatic after the ablations - which was such an easy procedure - for the patient.

    Don't forget you won't hear too much from the people for whom ablation worked - they tend to drift away but I have seen many, many posts over the 3 years I have been on this forum of how people got back to an active life after ablation so I wonder if your view is coloured by your fear?

    Perhaps read the studies and look at the statistics. Personally I would much rather have an ablation than ever take another pill - especially Bisoprolol.

  • I was given bisoprolol by the hospital when I was admitted with svt, I was put on adenisone. I live outside London,I was visiting my home in Wales when I had this attack. After 2 weeks of feeling terrible I saw my doctor, she was abrupt and said I must keep taking it so I persevered thinking that I could not go through experiencing all the palpitations and racing heart that I had be fore the hospital admission. I am on this site everyday to reassure me when I,m experiencing a bad moment, I do feel very tired on this drug and like a zombie.

  • I'm with CDreamer here. I don't like the sound of Bisoprolol, though it does seem to be the drug of choice. There are others.

    I think you might benefit from the wisdom of an EP (electrophysiologist) especially if you lack faith in your GP. The tide turned for me the day I first met my EP and I began to feel less doomed. He has made me feel the age I really am rather than 20 years older and I'm hugely grateful. Ablations do sound scary but have significantly improved my situation.

    It is said that if you visit a carpet salesman he will sell you a carpet and whilst EPs are likely to offer an ablation, they are also best placed to find a drug regime that will suit you.

  • PS I wish I had known four years ago that one could see an EP privately with an almost instant appointment and then slot back into the NHS system. It is a route that many of us have taken.

  • I lasted on Bisprolol for exactly 7 days. When I found I could not get out of bed on the seventh morning due to severe lumbar pain I decided to stop and visit my GP. She agreed and now 2 days later I am almost back to normal.

  • I feel very sorry for what you are going through. I to have trouble with drugs.They have me beta blocker sotalol , took one tablet, heart was so slow nearly stopped. So had to go straight to ablation. It was a slow recovery, 6 months before felt any good, but has been a year now, and living close to normal life. Heart beat some days jumps about but no Afib. I go to the gym, go for walks, can mow my yard, and no beta blockers.

    So yes ablation was my only option, but worth it, so be encouraged, there is hope.

  • I have been on 10mg bisoprolol for over 3years with no problem but it does not suit everyone you need a GP you can trust or a referral to an EP I know the system in the UK but please stand up for yourself my sister stayed with a GP she did not trus and it ultimately cost her life

  • You have my heart-felt sympathy (pardon the pun!) but please do take on board the many positive comments and replies below. Firstly, you are certainly not alone and your experience with even such a low dose of bisiprolol is not uncommon and in fact echoes mine. I also struggled to get meaningful help from my GP and the £200 I spent seeing an EP privately was the best money I have spent: they really do know what they are doing and, are consequently sympathetic and proactive with their advice. I had a successful ablation once a diagnostic EP investigation was carried out: AV node re-entrant tachycardia was idenfied and an catheter ablation carried out during the same procedure. I was very fortunate in that (as is the case with over 95% of AVNRT ablations) effectively and immediately cured. One of the best aspects for me was that I was required to stop the bisiprolol a week in advance of the procedure (be warned: when you stop this horrible drug you will feel dreadful for a few days - at least I did) and with the successful ablation could permanently discontinue the bisiprolol. So please do try to stay positive, see an EP specialist privately if necessary and begin to move forward. There are many, many people with happy outcomes and you could be one. Good luck.

  • On the form the heart specialist gave me was to see an EP at Barts hospital London, i,m awaiting an appointment. Thanks for the response, it reassures me that I,m not alone.

  • Hi

    Like you I too am on a low dose bisoporol 1.25mg per day

    Was diagnosed in Feb of this year had quite a bad reaction to flecanide and bisoporol

    Was taken off the flecanide when I had a tia

    I then I met with ep Simon sporeton at barts hospital who was wonderful was well worth seeing him

    Like others have said I felt so Much more reassured when I had the appointment I am now on waiting list for ablation and although I am Petrified I feel as though I am In the experts hands

    It does get better and bisoporol is keeping my heart from misbehaving so I hope the ablation will mean I can come off bisoporol for good

    Hope you start to feel a little better soon


  • It does seem to keep my heart from jumping around, now and again I get a breakthrough. I,m waiting to see an EP at Barts.

  • They are obviously doing their job then, but there are other drugs that may suit you better. Meanwhile it is probably worth ringing Barts to ask how long you should have to wait to hear about the appointment, and so to check that your name is in the system - mistakes can happen. An ablation is often the best way forward in the long term.

  • I'm on bisprolol as a pill in the pocket. Works a treat for me. I can't take it everyday due to asthma. I'm on montelukast for hives and asthma that is really good too. I agree with others who've say go back to your gpand ask for different meds.

  • I could be criticised for saying this but with PAF I approached my first ablation having been told that it may take 2 before I am fixed. 2 months after my first ablation, I had my second and that was 3.5 years ago. I suffer from anxiety so the thought of a heart operation was extremely daunting. I would take an ablation before root canal treatment any day.

  • I'm on exactly the same pill as yourself and have been taking it for 18 months now. Apart from the obvious of chilling my heart right out I am lucky to not have too many complaints. But my advise is if your not happy go and see another doctor at your surgery OR pay up and see an EP privately and then take it back to NHS afterwards. I know if I were to regularly get AFIB ( only get it after a heavy drinking session ) then I would certainly look to EP and go down route of ablation which ofcourse will be nerve racking ( even though many people have done so well from having procedure ).

    I'm looking to see if there is anything else I can take because having a heartbeat of mid 40's to me is too slow !

    Good luck !

  • Bisoprolol is not recommended for anyone with asthma problems. If you have a history of asthma it would be appropriate to ask for a change on those grounds. However, AF can cause breathing problems. How often do you have bouts of AF, and how bad is it when it happens?

    It sounds like you need a second opinion. Also do read the information on the AFA website - that will help your understanding, so you will know better what you really need to ask when you have the opportunity.

  • I was having constant palpitations, my heart seemed to shiver sometimes and big pauses between beats, my heart would race at about 150 beats a minute , the big one was 197 beats and would not revert back, 3 times they stopped and started my heart but had to put me on adenisone .

  • I am allergic to grass,dust and animal fur but it's mainly sneezing and swollen eyes.

  • Hi

    Hope you feel better soon. Bisoptolol was the 1st drug I was given. After the first one I developed an awful cough. I had to come off them. Was then given Sotalol - didn't work.. Then Flecainide again didn't work.Finally Diltazem - again the most horrific cough. Taken off them. I am now on no medication at all, but keep trying as everyone said it takes time to get things right.

    I have an appointment with an EP on Monday be interesting to see what he says.

  • I take 1.25mg I had the same feeling so I changed taking from the morning to taking it at night and I feel much better it might be you worth you trying that and see how you get on delithnmck1 xx

  • I've done this recently too and do feel marginally better

  • I take it at 8pm because I felt awful taking it with my breakfast. I have been very active throughout my life but now I feel half the person I was.

  • Hi delithnmck I have just been prescribed Nebivolol 2.5 for PAF and having read all the side affects was really scared but have been pleasantly surprised . I feel better and more energetic than I have in ages and so far no 'episodes' .

    When I take them I feel a bit odd for a moment shivery so I now take them at night and sleep through and temporary effects.

    Maybe go back and discuss it with your doctor.

  • Ask to try a different tablet. I put up with bisoprolol for three years during which time I was constantly fatigued and found concentration difficult. I am now on Atenolol and don't seem to have any side effects.

  • I will make an appointment with my doctor next week, a younger doctor has joined the practise, I will ask for him. The other man doctor is rather vague and the lady doctor is snappish, I never bother them unless I have to. I never feel satisfied when I come away from there or I,m upset because I,ve been talked to in an irritated manner. I tried to change doctors but I am out of the catchment area for the ones I would like to register with.

  • Bisporolol didn't agree with me only took it for 2 months. Please consider an ablation. Although I've had 3 ablations and my life is better after them. Although it hasn't cured my AF not having episodes where I had to be cardioverted every 6 weeks. Had my last ablation in April and only had 2 episodes of AF which only lasted 10 minutes each time.

  • Some people just don't get on with beta blockers. Many people describe the'zombie head' feeling and I've seen them described as the devil's drug. I also found they induce anxiety and depression. The longer you take them the more difficult it is to shake them off because of the withdrawal symptoms. If they don't suit you I would say stay away from them.

  • The feeling is like something has got inside your head and it won,t let go, I,m starting to feel quite depressed and so very very tired. It's whether I put up with the palpitations and attacks of svt or the beta blockers. I will phone Barts hospital Monday to find out why I haven,t received an appointment.

  • After an aortic valve replacement, amongst other cardiac problems, I was prescribed Bisoporol (1.25gm twice a day). I suffered from the most terrifying nightmares and my cardiac nurse suggested that it was probably down to Bisoporol and that I could take both tablets first thing in the am, which I now do with no recurrence of the vivid dreams.

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