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infection or coincidence

I am new here and been reading through the forum what a kind wonderful people you all are, I was diagnosed with para af around 6 weeks ago started at 1130 at night heart racing, beats all over the place called ambulance did the usual test bloods, xrays , was told had infection and gave me a injection to slow heart rate, and was put on bisoprolol 2.5mg, given antibiotics. seen cardiologist who said it was af, 2 weeks later same thing happened heart racing beats all over the place, went to a and e was told another infection and to increase bisoprolol twice a day, went back to normal after 5 hours, last week same thing again this time no fast heart rate called 111 and out of hours doctor said go a and e, blood tests again another infection more antibiotics, went back to normal rhythm after 5 hours, this morning woke up at 3:45 in af again, no fast heart rate so just relaxed and spoke to doctor at 9, we had a chat , and as no sooner I put phone down back in normal rhythm, could infection cause this 4 times in a row or just coincidence, like I said am new to this so just getting my head around this all

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Hi Lee and welcome to our forum. I guess you had blood tests while in A+E? These usually show if you have an infection. It does seem a bit strange that you have had several episodes of AF caused by an infection. I haven't heard of this before , but perhaps someone else on here will have.

Hope you stay well now.

Best wishes. Jean


Hi Lee and welcome! Infection can definitely kick up the AF in someone who has the substrate for AF. My EP always reminds me that AF symptoms are a reflection of one's overall health. It was a lung infection that knocked me into persistent AF last spring and led to my ablation. Get well soon!


I had a chat with the dr this morning regarding this and told him my concerns with it being an infection everytime, he going to make appointment with cardiologist. Thanks for your replies


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