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I have had paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation since I was 14 although only experienced about 6 attacks a year usually during competitive sporting activity, so I lived with it! It got worse earlier this year and I started to have it more often and for periods of 24 hours. I am now 64. I went to a cardiologist and was prescribed beta blockers and told I would have to go on warfarin when I was 65. I had a TIA last month unfortunately and am now on a warfarin equivalent, pradaxa Dabigatran etexilate.

I am now pursuing the possibility of an ablation and am waiting to see an electrocardiologist.

The question is can one have a pulmonary vein ablation when one has already had a TIA?

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Why not so long as you are now properly anticoagulated? This just shows the stupidity of the age side of CHADSVASC calculation and why anticoagulation should be the choice of the patient not some arbitrary number.

By the way it is a pulmonary vein isolation procedure or more commonly called "an ablation". To ablate means to cause not to exist so you really wouldn't want to ablate your pulmonary veins. There is an excellent booklet available from AF Association main website which fully explains all the possible methods and procedures in an easily readable form.


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A stroke at 64? Surely not? My cardiologist assured me they don't come along until you are 65.


hi . I had my stroke 2 days after reaching 61 which when they discovered I had p af , on proper meds now , so can happen at any age , hard to come to terms with both events so close together, not how I had envisaged my early retirement, but soldier on, each day different , some a struggle but some seem reasonably normal


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