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I have just come up against the problem talked about by other 'posters' re the lack of Flecainide anywhere. With my last prescription I managed by the pharmacist giving me 100g tablets which I halved. However this time there are none to be had anywhere. I have a telephone appointment with my GP on Friday hopefully to transfer to an alternative drug and I am wondering whether anyone else has been prescribed an alternative and if so, what it was and did it have any side effects. I am particularly concerned as I am having an ablation procedure next week and really don't want to be messing around with my medication just before that. Any advice would be helpful.

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I had a nice chat with my pharmacist this week about the problem since he knows everybody round here and the firm are making it so it is really a distribution problem. He commented that at any time there are up to a dozen drugs with supply problems and it is just that we are aware of flecainide.

Regarding alternatives this is not really an option although propafanone is a similar family. GPs should not prescribe this family of drugs without specialist oversee. Since you are about to have an ablation I frankly wouldn't worry too much but why not call the EP's secretary and explain your worry and see what they can do?

Above all don't worry as this really will not help.



Has anyone checked out the online pharmacists? Has anyone checked out the European sites? Is France affected? If not, then a cheap day return with a British Prescription should get you a stock. Better still, take a winter break in the sun. Take the original box, and ask for it over the counter. One of the perks of living in a poorer country is that the administration is light years ahead of UK, and repeat medicines rarely need a prescription:}


You can always contact the hospital that you are under - often pharmacy will have loads of supplies


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