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thought I was doing so well and had started even saying so and being more confident and positive. however now find myself getting panic attacks when out . today for instance on my own in a queue, then with partner at bus stop. got so bad thought I was going to pass out! Bus came and I popped into local Pharmacy (who has been brilliant and so supportive the last 4 months since my AF diagnosis). Anyway BP was high, sat 5 mins and it went back to normal, so do I guess just a panic attack .Have felt off all day and given up trying to go out and about with grand kids as promised and just came home. this happens ,perhaps fortnightly. I just can't tell the difference between low BP and panic attacks ,am I being stupid? On bisoprolol5mg and settling well I thought I also read it is used to help fight panic attacks. Its just good to write it down and share with a group who understands. thank you.

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Christinedbur in reply to Hidden

Thankyou big leg.

try to relax a little- AF isn't anything to panic about- do go out and about and just find a quiet place, like you did, to sit down for a few minutes when you need to! As long as you are anti-coagulated if merit this then you will be fine

gwyn53 in reply to rosyG

It's is panicky. I've been back inbwork five weeks. The first week I was so well supported by the staff. I'm the domestic!

But then you leave work and if the bus is late or your in a shop alone, it can be scary.

Hang in there. I found phoning someone takes my mind off the panic. This site has been a godsend to me. I may not be very helpful, but I do understand.

Hang in there. Good times ahead.☺

Christinedbur in reply to gwyn53

that was so helpful, understanding what I'm going through,thankyou so much and you take care. Yes this site is rather special isn't it?


Christine, Don't panic about panic attacks. I know a 35 year old iron pumping , fast car driving, testosterone filled hunk of muscle who gets them. He has spent the last year going to hypnotherapy sessions and is getting better.

Do you have BP machine at home? If you checked during an "attack" you might be able to discern triggers. No, you are not being stupid, these are complex situations. Glad you have identified local pharmacist as a support person.

If you want to communicate more about being a grandparent with health challenges, message me. Good luck.

Thanks Lorna ,yes be good to message more,you on FB ?or how do we exchange email? Think if I had BP machine I'd never leave it alone! Pharmisist says i can pop in anytime. :)

if you click on your username on this site on upper toolbar, a drop down menu will appear. Click on messages. I'm lorna-doone18

No medic knowledge but I would start straight away with Magnesium Citrate 150mg per day and Mindfulness/breathing exercises. Next look for an experienced Alternative Practitioner and take some medium/long term advice.

I found the more knowledge I gained on AF and the 'cures' the less the anxiety .....this Forum is one of the best places.

Good luck Christine, be persistent and it does get better.

i have been prone to panic attacks since I developed AF and it's a horrible feeling. You don't know why they come on and what is best to try and ease them, but you have plenty of useful tips from others on the forum to try. The important thing to know is that it is a frequent bi product of AF and affects people of all shapes ,sizes and backgrounds, no matter how confident or positive you might be normally. You mention low BP and having suffered from this from time to time I usually felt a bit dizzy and faint( as well as panicky) and slightly short of breath. if in doubt make sure you sit or lie down quickly and lower your head as standing isn't good for low BP!

Hi Christine - I am a newbie to the forum. I suffer from them and have done for many years. (I am 69). It never gets any easier when a panic attack occurs. I think my AF is probably due to being a 'panicker'. You did the right thing by sitting down until your blood pressure went back to normal. Its no good people telling you to pull yourself together. You are not a pair of curtains! You would love to pull yourself together if you could but in the middle of a panic attack you do one of two things - fight or flee. There are many good books on anxiety and panic disorders which you could probably get from the local library, or have a look in Smiths or Waterstones. Bob's advice re hypnotherapy is a good idea, but sessions do cost a lot. What about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy? You could ask your GP for a referral. This involves talking on a one to one basis with a therapist. It can be extremely helpful in understanding panic and why you get them and what to do when they happen. I was referred a few years ago, and although I still get panic attacks, the CBT certainly helped. Unless a person has had a panic attack, it is so difficult to explain to others what you are going through. There is a lot of help out there and I hope you are feeling a bit better now.


thank you so much Carol. I have realized that I don't even want to go anywhere on my own although I do try the shopping on my own sometimes but it is hard . Yes I will seek some help over the matter. thanks and you take care. :)

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