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Hi Talking about slimming world, i have been going since last year, I have lost a stone and half but since about 3 months ago i have stuck or lost a lb then put it back on as far as I know i have not changed anything except i am taking a higher dose Tablets, could this be the problem? i have PAF I am feeling Embarrassed now, would like to lose more but every week i go i have not moved or keep going up and down by a lb. I need to lose more .


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  • What drugs are you taking Suzy ?


  • Hi Sandra,

    I am taking Flecanide 100mg twice a day, Varapemil 40 mg twice a day, plus isotard 25mg and warfarin, i have seen specialist this morn , he say Varapemil can do this so looks like have to work harder, thank you for your help Suzy

  • Suzy I had same problem when I was put on Bisoprolol .

    I too am a S/W member ( on & off ! ) & was doing so well with a loss every week for 5 months until Bisoprolol came into the equation & everything ground to a halt. Very demoralising! I have returned again ( no betablockers now ) to try & shift some pounds. It's hard work isn't it?!


  • I joined again last night, I love it, have you done food diary and discussed it with your consultant? Also ask your doctor if weight gain is a side effect of any of your pills, or quicker! Google them! Stay strong SW is the best 😀 good luck

  • Are you on a beta blocker or something else? Beta blockers and calcium channel blockers for rate control are notorious for interfering with weight loss as they interfere with your metabolism . There are other mechanisms as well which they think are happening but the research is patchy...might interfere with carbohydrate metabolism too . You just have to work extra hard at it and it'll take longer .

  • yes I am my Consultant , told me it could be them.

    thank you Suzy

  • I to am with SW. Stick with it. In the beginning I was doing exactly the same as you but now a year later I am nearly 3.5 stone lighter. It is depressing when you dont loose but speak to your consultant and food diary!

    Good luck

  • Thank you :-) i will stick with it well done on your great Loss keep it up .


  • I started SW four months ago and got my 2 stone certificate this morning. I am on Bisoprolol. I do get a bit disheartened when others are losing 4lb a week but am determined to carry on. Slowly and surely. I am feeling the benefit and the episodes of AF are not quite as often as they were. Keep filling in the food diary (no cheating - put everything down) and lots of speed food. Good luck. Lynn x

  • well done! :-) i will keep at it, i have been told this morn i am to have a Ablation if it works ok maybe could come off my Tablets, so hopefully if i do i will be slim again :-)

  • I too am a slimming world bod!

    I am at target now and remain a member. However I struggled to get loses each week too, and I only had a stone to lose. beta blockers slow the heart and the body metabolism as a side effect hence difficulty with weight. any 'rate controlled ' medication will be the same. rhythm controllers aren't so bad.

    I did not lose weight if I ate too much speed and was 'too good'. Try and reduce the speed but eat a little more between meals, ensure you have at least 10 syns day and increase exercise a little. It helped me by speeding up my metabolism.

    I am currently at risk of being under the 3lb below target and need to eat more - so digestives and decaf coffee sit beside me now!!

    good luck

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