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Afib and Flecainide

I have had afib since 2006. Been on toprol and norvasc for heart rhythm and b/p control. Been using rhymol last couple of years to control afib when I started having an episode. I had been in an afib episode three weeks ago and passed out cold due to too low b/p, and went to ER. Few days later, cardiologist put me on 50mg flecainide twice/day and said not to take rhymol anymore, but keep taking the other meds.

I have been fine since then, but have noticed my pulse is mid-high 40s at night and low-mid 50s during day. The b/p is good. I do feel somewhat slightly light headed, but believe it is the toprol mostly. I take 50mg toprol and 10 mg norvasc. I am concerned about getting too low pulse when driving, especially, and passing out. I have not had another afib episode or felt like passing out.

Thoughts and recommendations based on your experiences???? How is flecainide working out for those taking it? How you feeling in regard to pulse rate?

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From your terminology you must be in USA not UK and to be honest I don't recognise your drugs, Rhythmol is propafanone if that is what you meant and similar to flecainide in the way it works. You HR is very low so not surprised that you have dizzy/ passing out spells. One wonders if one of your drugs is a heavy beta blocker and slowing things too much.

Personally I think you should talk to your doctor rather than us about why your rate is so low. Flecainide won't help a low heart rate although it should help the rhythm.



I am on flecanide and don't have any side effects. Beta blockers slow the heart rate. As Bob said talk to gp as sound like that


Leaves some people tired. Since my ablation, no longer take on a daily basis, but glad to have it available PIP if needed.


Flecainide at 100mgs x2 per day has worked fine for my PAF, it did reduce my pulse 4 points to 56.


I think these drugs are all very personal. For me, Flecainide doesn't work, in fact makes things worse, but propafenone does work. But that means very little for someone else.



If you are an athlete the heart rate is not all that unusual. But if you have bradychardia then you may need a pacemaker. I have paroxysmal AFib and now take 50 mg flecenaide twice a day, and atenolol on occasion as needed (for example, prior to playing a game of tennis or squash, or after a big meal or a few drinks to prevent palpitations). Thus far no significant episodes. My heart rate is usually low 50s. The occasional atenolol doesn't really change that and the flecenaide has no side effects at all that I can detect - but I've only been taking it for 18 months


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