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My story continued

This has been a busy and interesting week. Had an hour's appointment with my Heart Failure nurse on Wednesday. This is a brilliant service meaning that someone is now monitoring my condition and checking on my medication. She was extremely positive, pointing out that an ejection fraction of 25% was not as bed as it sounded because nobody has an ejection fraction of 100%.

Saw my GP on Friday who sounded my chest and thought that my heart beat seemed fairly steady.

On returning home I checked my heart beat and lo and behold I am back in Sinus rhythm. Don't know how long this will last but am pleased that this has reverted on its own, as it were. The only difference has been an increase from 2.5 mg to 3.75 mg of Ramipril following the angiogram. Could this have caused my heart to revert to Sinus do you think?

Was feeling over the moon until today when I received a copy of the cardiologist's report of my angiogram. He talks of the likely need of rotablation. This sounds suspiciously like an off-shoot of Dyno Rod. What do you think??!!

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Probably a Root Out Turbulence ablation... No, I've never heard of a rotablation, but it does sound impressive.

It all seems as if you are making a lot of progress and there's a lot to be pleased about.


Just had to look it up, found a very good explanation on the BHF website. Think stenting with attitude!

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