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To remove or not to remove that is the question

Well on way to Freeman Hospital to see the cardiologist. As some of you know had nothing but bother since having my crt-d fitted five weeks ago. Today I find out if its being removed and when/if its being replaced (on the right). Went into af last night but its calmed down now, probably my nerves kicking in. So in a couple hours time will have an answer. Fingers and toes crossed x

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Good luck! I've just (finally) been referred to the Freeman to see a cardiologist (finally, after my first hospital trip mid July!). Hope they're good.... Hope it goes well for you x


Good luck! hope all goes well.Can I ask who's your consultant?

Wendi x


Hi Wendi I started off with Dr Shepherd but seeing Dr Plummer today as he has been taking care of me for the past 5 weeks when ive been in and out x


Hi JacqRobs they all really brill here. My mother including a few other family members all been treated by the cardiology department so your def in good hands. Good luck x


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