Over the last three months my AF episodes have become more frequent, since the middle of August I have had 4 episodes. They range from lasting 12 hours to 3 day, I'm currently having another episode been going now for 9 hours. I wonder if my AF is progressing into another stage? Previously my last significant episode was early this year, it's been fairly quiet until now. Ho hum...

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  • AF is almost always progressive so most likely you are right. Probably time to take the next step forward so speak to your EP about that.


  • Thanks BobD, I keep kidding myself that it really isn't a problem, but today going upstairs is hard work. I am awaiting a cardiologist appt, so I shall talk to her about next steps 😔. Thanks for all your help, this is such a reassuring community 😊

  • I had a very similar experience last year. My episodes started to become very frequent, so I was put forward for an ablation. As it happens I had another underlying medical issue that caused my episodes to increase and when this was addressed my episodes started to subside. However, I still opted for the ablation and fingers crossed everything has been good so far. As Bob states try and get an appointment with an EP to discuss it further.

  • Thanks jason😊

  • As others have noted, afib begets afib. My husband feels so helpless in all this, he devised a calendar last year so I could note details about episodes. Seeing this in writing helped me get my head out of the sand and acknowledge the need for ablation.

    It was also a quick way for my EP to see if flecainide PIP worked, etc.

  • Yes, it's so easy to forget dates and events. I'm hoping an ablation might help. Today I can't get up the stairs without stopping and gasping at the top. Tonight I should be at bell ringing practice, not a hope. Thanks for your reply😊

  • Like so many of us Lindabob - probably all of us if the truth be known - you have started your AF journey gently with episodes well spaced and short in duration. Unfortunately it doesn't stay like that. Longer episodes and shorter AF free periods are almost inevitable. And for someone who is symptomatic that is not good news, I know.

    An ablation is the nearest thing we have to a cure for AF and the sooner you get round to starting this treatment the more effective it is likely to be. lmagine not having AF. Feels good doesn't it? Now go and see your EP and turn that into reality. Good luck.

  • 18 months ago I had a similar 'hot spot' of episodes only I had 9 episodes in a month. The cardiologist started me on 50mg Flecainide x2 per day, that didn't stop it. He and the EP said "ablation", I said can we try Flecainide 100mg x2 per day and that has worked well with no episodes for 18 months.

    However, I have done Mg and CoQ10 supplements and other supplements/lifestyle changes out of these I think Mg is almost a certain help - medics will tell you your Mg level will be OK but they use a different measure based on a blood test, its the Red Cell test on the blood that is more relevant.

    Good Luck!

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