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Hello again

Hi all

Not posted for a while, lost account for a while and been busy, both work and play.

Glad to post that all has settled well since my ablation 17th February, albeit was whinging a bit first few weeks, no doubt some will recall haha.

24/7 heart monitor fitted back in August showed no AF activity, but some evidence of ventricular ectopics which may be causing some ongoing symptoms, been advised, next step is that a patient activated recorder be fitted to record my heart rhythm during any further symptoms, yet to be done.

Next appointment is early November, but EP from my last visit in August was more than happy with my symptoms and that I am pretty much meds free.

Apart from a bit of an iffy week late July, I have been fine, and when I do get a a light episode, 1 x 1.25mg bisoprolol seems to sort me our pretty much straight away.

I did not want to post at one stage, as claiming your AF is under control, seems to be a trigger for it to misbehave.

From where I was and where I am at this stage, I am so glad I opted for the Ablation, even if I do in the future require "a touch up" as my EP puts it, more than happy to go that route.

Not sure how long it will last, but really almost back to where I was pre AF (bar two years older, bummer)

Thanks everyone for all the fantastic advise and support back in the dark days of not knowing what to do etc.



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Thanks for that Mick Always good to hear good news and you seem to be on track.

Well done.



How nice to hear from you and all the more so as you sound content with the way things are. Sounds good!


This is great news, Mick and I hope it will reassure others who are contemplating ablation. Like you, I have many ectopics but all benign. I wish you a happy AF-free future. Sue.


Pleased that it has worked for you, positive posts are always encouraging.

Hope you continue to improve.


Good to read your post Mick as I have my 1st ablation booked in for 24th September although I have been given only 40-50% chance of success at first attempt. I keep on changing my mind whether to go or do a runner. Good to hear positive feedback and hope all keeps going well.



I was like you, but to be honest id rather have an ablation than go to the Dentist, really there is nothing to worry about 😀

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My view is go for it (having had one ablation so far).

Last year when my Consultant EP said the only realistic option was an ablation I asked him to be open and frank as to the chances of success. He said in MY case there was zero chance it would work first time and 40% to 50% second time. The 72 hours I was in sinus rhythm was so much better (before I reverted to persistent AF).

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Always great to hear good news long may it continue!


Good to hear from you Mick, glad things are going well. As you know I was the week after you and had a couple of dodgy patches like yourself, but the past 4 months have been spot on. I'm still on Flecainide, which is to be readdressed in December barring no AF, but unlike yourself it never caused me any issues and prior to the ablation it didn't work particularly great anyway, so I'm happy to wait a few months. I've even put the boots back on after 18 months and the old ticker is coping excellent, it's just my knees, back, ankles, hamstrings and various other joints that are complaining.

Probably the best thing at the moment is I no longer think about my AF every hour of the day. I can go a couple of days without having given it a second thought, something I couldn't have done over the past three years. I'm aware it could pop up at anythime, but at the moment it doesn't rule my life as it did.

Keep well mate and I hope the handicap is going in the right direction.




Good to hear all is well mate, yes we were ablated pretty much the same time, and so far so good and great we are able to post as such on positive outcome, and yes what a great feeling that the AF does play on your mind pretty much every waking hour, pure bliss and here's hoping it last.

Defo past the boots going back on me, the handicap, well it went up and then it came back down again, so currently off 12

Exercise routine is back up, but I will probs not push as much as I used, ha more age than AF.

Able to drink as well, bar a couple of days have kept things pretty sensible.

Anyway mate hope it continues to go well, watch those hammies, torres never recovered😯


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