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Had an ablation over 2 years ago and apart from a few hiccups along the way,I consider myself free of AF .

To prove it ( definitely not intentionally) the wind caught the kitchen door and slammed shut on my fingers . I felt very giddy ,faint and sick with a couple of finger nails going black but no change from NSR except a faster heart rate. Wonderful !

As most episodes of AF with me were accompanied by feeling very faint and dizzy and sometimes sick as well ,it was "nice " - a loose term- to experience the effects for a totally normal reason. If that didn't bring AF on I'm hopeful nothing will.


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OUCH ! I winced just reading your post. Good about your AF though.


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I agree with Koll. I've a finger that once got caught in a door and your tale reminded me of the pain.

Go glad this tale of woe has such a pleasing side to it.

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