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Bee stings and AF

My husband keeps bees. I was stung once about 23 years ago before being diagnosed with AF so was not on any medication, and apart from the pain, no problem.

My query is has anyone had any adverse affects from wasp or bee stings whilst on medication for AF?

I am ultra careful whilst husband is dealing with the clever little bees but sometimes they get very upset at being disturbed and will make a bee-line (sorry!) for me.

I am on Rivaroxaban, have a pacemaker and had an AV Node ablation this year.

This may be a stupid question to ask but better to be safe than sorry.

Hope you all have a calm week and Angel blessings.


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I have persistent AF and on medication (Beta Blockers and Warfarin) and also keep bees.

During the course of a season I am stung several times but have had no ill effects as yet and hadn't even thought of it until your post.

I wouldn't worry about it.

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Thanks for that. It's just my husband gets several stings each time he sees to the bees with no ill effect and he reckons it does his arthritis a lot of good!

I'm not worried, was just curious as to whether there were any problems caused by being stung.

How are your bees? Did they fare well over the winter? We lost three colonies but we're lucky enough to have a couple of swarms who were looking for a new home and they are doing well.

Best wishes for a good honey season.



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