Medication overload

I had a 'senior moment' last night. Took my apixaban at 9 pm as usual then another at 10 pm. This should have been candesartan and nebivolol, which I take just before bed. Doubted that out of hours doctors would have a clue about NOACS overdosing and didn't think I'd get any sense from A&E at that time of night. I decided therefore to do nothing. Didn't take any of my other meds and will give myself a break today, starting the apixaban again tonight. I can't see the point in pursuing this with my GP, but would welcome any advice/thoughts from any other Apixaban users.

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  • Since the half life is something like 12 hours (why you take two a day) things will be pretty much back to normal now so I don't think you need to worry. What puzzles me is why you split you timings in this way as it only makes errors more possible. I have a seven day pill box which I fill each week and take all my pills at the same time i e just before dinner each evening. If you need for some reason to take evening and night then there are (in my box at any rate) four slots per day for morning, lunch, evening and night.

    That way unless you forget which day it is you can't make mistakes.

    We've all done something similar I'm sure so systems need to be put into place so that we only do it once.


  • Yes, I know what you mean re systems and procedures. I can manage this in most things, but really don't like taking all my meds in one hit. Added to which, I take thyroxine, which has to be four hours free of food and meds and Adcal which has to be four hours free of thyroxine (which is probably responsible for the af in the first place). Simples!

  • This may not work for everyone, but I also have a med that needs to be taken apart from others. Already get up to pee in middle of night, so have one pill and cup out in bathroom to take then.

  • Yes, I have a pill box and dish out the week's doses so it is difficult to go wrong.

  • Had to laugh reminded me of the time some years ago, well before my

    af days, I had to give the dog a heart tablet, Being a fairly young Mum at the time and run off my feet I had been promising myself a headache tablet as soon as I had a minute, Yes, you guessed it, took the dogs tablet

    and carefully wrapped mine in a piece of mars bar as that was the only

    way we could get them down him. He lived to almost 19 years old so

    cannot have done him a lot of harm. My hubby rang the vet to find out

    if I should worry, the answer was only if I start to bark.

  • Oh I laughed until I cried Shirly when I read this e mail....and don't we all need it....I less than most actually. I only realise upon reading some of the awful things that some of the people who write here have to endure. I am so very lucky.I partic. found this funny because I worked in a vet. practice for some of my work. life

  • LMAO

  • Happens to us all.

    I take pills morning, afternoon and evening and more than once I have forgotten the afternoon or evening dose.

    Don't get too concerned - doctors and drug companies know we are humans and make errors so there is always some leeway built in.

  • This is my second comment...first one evaporated before I had time to submit.

    Thanks all for your comments, not sure there is a pill box big enough to cater for all my meds. When we go away, between us, my husband and I seem to pack more meds than clothes! Another reason to have an ablation I guess.

  • sure I read somewhere that much higher doses were tried in trials of apixaban without problems so should be fine

  • Don't know technicalities of Apixaban, but really depend on my organized pill dispensers, a double-check safety system, and pray manufacturers quit changing color/shape of meds. If I really feel confused, have my spouse or friend look at my med organizer verify.

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