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is af a disibility

hi all, 54 and had a stroke when i was 50, im in permanant af now and will be on warfin for the rest ov my life, im having to come out of work also as feeling drained,and boath hip joints worn as the job im in involves heavy lifting, the last 4 winters ive worked ive felt very cold, may be down to wafrin,never had this problem until i was put on warfin, even in summer months i still where a jumper,is af a disability

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Hi there mouseytrain. Sorry things are not so good. I've not noticed warfarin making me cold but beta blockers do. Are you on any medication that ends in -olol?

The thing about AF is that we are all different and it troubles some of us more than others.


I don't know about technicalities, but if you have a condition that is disabling, then that's a disability !!! With the caveat being have you tried everything to control it. Have you seen an EP/specialist cardio?

Lots of people on here have AF as an underlying disabling condition (me included, I would be on my back without drugs), but because it is controlled to one extent or another by ablation, avoiding triggers, or all or those, then it isn't really disabling. But if nothing works then I guess it is disabling, perhaps very disabling?

Not much help, sorry!



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