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I had an emergency appointment at the doctors yesterday, they took an X-ray and said I need a tooth out, they then sent me home after prescribing ibuprofen and told me to ring my dentist first thing on Monday. I am in a LOT of pain, do you think my dentist would be able to remove my tooth the same day that I ring up? I don't know how much longer I can deal with the pain!

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The issue is complicated by your INR, which I guess is why you are posting. It does vary from dentist to dentist but many would simply want your INR below 3 before they undertake an extraction. You can get an immediate (finger prick) reading at your local hospital and take the written note of it along to your dentist. But the long and short of this Reanne is you need to speak to your dentist and ask him for his policy. The alternative, if the pain is simply unbearable, is emergency surgery in hospital, through A&E - though they would want to be sure you couldn't take it any longer!

You may well have resolved this by now but I'll let the post stand.


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