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My 100mg of advice

I have had A-Fib since 1995 , and I'm a "constant", I went thru the gamete as most here have, all the scary tests', holter's, treadmills, heart valve test, everything...I managed to not have to be "converted" , have a pacemaker/defibrillator, and not a candidate, after being released from cardiac rehab. , everytime I had an "bad" episode I would rush to ER,call my cardiologist, ..."PANIC"...then on an episode,called cardiologists and nurse Linda got me to calm down and told me this.. she said Scott take control,YOU know the signs, take inventory, sit,rest 5 minutes, now are you in any pain, faint,sweating,short of breath,any numbness,etc. , and since I had none of these, it was "my" first episode without panic,fear,stress and by the time Nurse Linda was done talking to me,my episode was gone, now we know the difference between an Event and episode,so my advise to all would be to find your Nurse Linda,understand any and all our Afib marker's/signs and take control,and since my talk with Nurse Linda, my episodes have diminished to almost none,and even now "if" I have one, they are short (under 10 minutes) mild,so take control my Atrial friends,it's still not fun having this afib thing, GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY


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Nice Post. Thanks.


Great advice! Its really easy to get carried away in the throws of an 'episode'.

Take care



I just love that a healthcare professional has given you advice which helps you manage your own disease rather than just taking another pill.

My AF is not constant but comes in episodes on a regular basis. In the past I have has the start of an episode at least fortnightly, been hospitalised once every 6 - 8 weeks, and cardioverted several times.

I quickly learnt the signs and practised some of these techniques straight away to avoid yet another trip to A&E. Unfortunately my AFib is a an eager little thing and will go off racing and stay in Afib for many hours be3fore being reigned and then disappearing for another few weeks.

By using magnesium and practising some subconscious calming of my heart by listening to a strong regular heartbeat should I feel an AFib come on, I have not (fingers crossed) had anything close to an attack for nearly 3 months.


If only it was that easy!!!


Don't have a named nurse but liked your post


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