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New Thinking is the Causes and Treatment of AF

A recent atice on Medscape is helping to put this whole matter of AF as a systemic disease rather than an isolated incident into much sharper focus. You can access the artice here:

You may need to register for the site, but it is well worth the time to do so - an invaluable resource for al of us suffering from this disease.

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Very interesting and I didn't have to register to read this, thank you for posting. I agree totally with what has been written.


I agree, I think we are all moving in SRMGrandma's direction. Thanks for posting.


Thanks for posting although as I have said before, having made ALL those lifestyle changes successfully my A.F. continued to progress. Now I have had an ablation perhaps they will contribute to it being a success. Fingers crossed.x


Hello bayfield, Thank you for posting the Medscape website. I have just signed up and logged in, and wow the piece on AF is very interesting and gives food for thought.



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