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Hi this is Bubbles

Hi I'm back this is Bubbles, first of all let me Thank Everyone for your responses!Now, you asked what medicine I'm on well I first started taking metoperal from 2008 to 2014 the doctors did a heart Cath and said my heart rate got up to 347 beats and got stuck for 10 seconds so they switched my medicine to Maltaq that was working for me but they said medi cal doesn't cover it so they switched my medicine to Amiodarone that's not working for me either. I tried to contact my physician but she has only put in a referral for me to go to the cardiologist. I was diagnosed with Afib in 2008 my heart would go down to 30 I've flatlined 5 times and my heart rate would go over 200 so yes I have been diagnosed by some of the best doctors in the world at U.N.C. and they say I do need ablation surgery. As well as my physician here in California since I have moved .

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Multaq is dronedarone which is a derivative of amiodarone. Ablation is not the terrible thing a lot of people fear, it can be a window to a new way of life so take it. It isn't surgery by the way, just a minimally invasive procedure but do understand that it may take more than one attempt to rid you of this scourge.



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