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Oil Pulling

I guess this is kind of a sideline to the usual posts I see but I am well aware of the reported link between oral health and heart disease and am wondering if anyone here has focussed on their oral health to try and help improve their heart condition.

Smoking, drinking and brushing only once a day for decades has seen me lose more teeth than I would like and an extraction last week has been a turning point for me as far as getting serious about my teeth and gums.

I have terrible gums due to smoking and I have been researching any possible way to regenerate them and found an Ayurvedic technique called oil puling. Apparently it has become quite the rage in some circles - apparently I am not IN those circles as it's the first I have heard of it.

Many many positive reports about improving gum health, oral hygiene and in some cases regenerating gums has convinced me to start this practise which is basically 20 minutes oif swishing coconut or sesame around your mouth.

When I first read it, it sounded gross BUT the amount of positive feedback from so many sources has convinced me to give it a go.

I have started really spending time investigating complimentary medicine and supplements to get my AF under control.

Just wondering if other have found long term changes in their oral health routine may have improved their heart condition outcomes?

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When first in hospital having been diagnosed with AF the doctor checked my oral health. I have 6 monthly checkups and 3 monthly hygiene appointments so I was fine. The doctor said poor oral hygiene can affect heart health.

Recently I met a patient in hospital when visiting who had to have most of his teeth extracted before the surgeon would perform heart surgery on him. The connection between oral health and heart disease apparently is well known.

I have not heard of the technique you mention but great if it were to work. Good oral health has to be a health boost overall.



Thnat poor person. I can't imagine the pain and discomfort of having to go through that.


Well I never.I put a very similar post on about 2yrs ago.

This technique was introduced to me by my Swiss Anthroposophical Dr.friend many years ago.I practiced religiously for many years not as much now though.

Alarmingly I have developed gastro-oesophagus reflux disease post Ablation which has necessitated a special mouthwash prescribed by my brilliant Orthadontist....This is to combat the acid that is gradually destroying the enamel from my teeth...

Prior to this I had perfect oral health...

I used organic coconut oil.It is important not to have eaten or drink anything prior to the swishing and when you spit it out it should be like milk...

Great, I don't know anyone else other than my like minded friends who practice this.My Swiss friend came to look after me post Ablation neither of us spoke for the first 30 mins on wakening as we were both swishing...



"neither of us spoke for the first 30 mins on wakening as we were both swishing"


I'm please to hear someone else has done it - Thanks for the tip about not eating first.


Hi Dave, yes I have read about this and have heard Ramiel Nagel speak and have his book 'Cure Tooth Decay'. One of his principal simple recommendations is that a quality Cod Liver oil like Green Pasture Blue Ice can prevent decay.

I have had 4 root fillings since being diagnosed with AF in 2008. In the last 12 months I have spent a fortune at the dentist having inlays instead of the usual soft white fillings, which my new dentist says are OK but in time move and let decay in. I have also had the majority of mercury fillings out and updated my daily flossing and told to use an electric toothbrush - embarrassed to say I have been a bit lazy with mouth hygiene but teeth/gums feel much more robust now.

Can't say whether it has directly improved my AF but glad I have done it now rather than more trouble later. All part of a strategy to make sure I use AF as a tool to a better life.....healthier elsewhere, better food, more appreciation of each day and a better relationship with loved ones.

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Just with me brushing 3 times a day I have to say I do generally feel better but I also think the magnesium I started on 6 weeks ago is really having a positive effect.l I have to admit flossing is my downfall - just can't seem to keep at it:(


Try the picks (like a two prong fork with tensioned floss in between), I find these much easier.


Hi Dave - Yes, I've swished coconut oil around my mouth in the past. It has antiseptic properties and works as well as a mouthwash. If I had any oral health problems I would certainly use it again.

Be aware of the chemicals that are in toothpastes too. I was using a well known brand at one time and it took me a while to realise that it was the chemicals in it that were causing my sore gums. I stopped using it a few years ago and have had no problems since.

Coconut oil has many uses and is a fairly well known cure for excessive stomach acid.

My teeth have had a lot of work carried out on them over the years and have cost me a fortune and I'm now quite fanatical about keeping them clean.

Has anyone else on here tried using a water pik to clean teeth? I was happily using one until my dentist told me not to as the strength of the of the water jet could force germs down into the gums.

I had lots of teeth filled when pregnant with my first child, when I think back now I'm sure it must have been unnecessary and the dentist just looking for something to do. I religiously went for dental check ups and now believe that years ago this was probably not a good idea - at least not with the dentist I had.

I wonder if excessive dental work, when we were young, is behind our AF?



"I wonder if excessive dental work, when we were young, is behind our AF?"

Funny you say that as I also had heaps done as a kid in the 60's.

I've ordered my organic,-unprocessed-virgin-tibetan-monk-farmed coconut oil and just waiting for it to arrive.

After seeing some videos I am actually looking forward to this new oral challenge.

Can I ask why you no longer do the coconut oil "swish"?


I was doing the coconut swish when my gums were sore, but then discovered the cause was the toothpaste I was using.


I've heard things about a link between heart disease and oral health... I also worry about mercury fillings, but I haven't had a new filling in many years - the last thing I had done about six years ago was a crown. All my fillings date to when I was a child and I'm sure our dentist was creating holes - he used to press down so hard with that pick-like implement into the tooth that it hurt. I guess he got paid per filling!

Obviously things have changed because since I left that dentist I've never had another new filling. Because I'm on warfarin I'm careful with my oral hygiene - brush twice a day, floss, use mouthwash. Never heard of the oil thing! However our dentist is complimentary about the state of my teeth, which is comforting.


I wish I could get excited about flossing I just seem to have a real block about it.


Weston A Price was a dentist who visited populations all over the World to discover their state of oral health and how it correlated with chronic health conditions. He first went to Switzerland and found that, whilst they had green slime on their teeth from not brushing, they had excellent dental health with regard to lack of caries.

As with obesity, poor oral health is a symptom. Taking toxins into your body puts you at higher risk of developing chronic ill health, which includes the chemicals from smoking, and eating processed foods such as fructose & other excess carbohydrates, refined vegetable oils, and additives.


There is a very definite relationship between poor oral hygiene and hear disease. Also with AF as well. This article shows that there's a 30% lower risk of AF with dental scaling once a year, and the risk drops even further with an extra scaling p.a.

I'm not sure about cocnut oil etc. I would start with the basics - twice daily cleaning with an electric toothbrush (but gently), interdental brushes and floss. Then try the alternative stuff.

I think the 50's was the decade for fillings. No fluoride toothpaste, lots of sugar and dentists only too willing to get grinding!



That article is fascinating. You have to wonder why doctors and cardiologists with so much info around do not work more closely with our dentists when trying to work on our AF - would seem pretty obvious to me.


Hello all

My dad who believes in Ayurvedic medicine and he told me that every morning and night you should chew black sesame seeds slowly as this helps with your gums and helps the heart to function better and lowers cholesterol oh and cleans your digestive system. You must slowly chew a big mouthful so it should take a good 5/10 min. So hearing about swishing sesame seed oil makes me think may be I should have listened to him. At least there is no side affects to it unless you are allergic to sesame seeds.


I believe that post WWII when dentists came under the new NHS, they were paid per filling! I have indelible memories of heavy, juddering drills and no injections. Mind you I was partial to Trebor Chews from the corner store.

Mrs Gilly


Tibetan monks raise coconuts?


He he - of course - but the coconuts must be grown on the western side of the mountain for the purest coconut oil.


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