Planned holiday

I have booked a 4day break away on the south coast at end of April. This has been booked and paid for ages ago. Well before I knew I was having my ablation on 31st march. It will just be a relaxing break nothing taxing. But do those of you who have had this done think Ill be well enough to go. I cant confide in my husband because it was planned as a surprise for him.


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  • So long as you take it easy it should not be problem. You have a few weeks surely. Many people (rightly or wrongly) go back to work a few DAYS after ablation! I was told do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second but then my arrhythmia nurse who I had worked with on a project was well aware of my frenetic work ethic and wanted me to slow down. Don't forget that you won't be allowed to drive for at least two days and possibly more if you have GA.. Enjoy your break and stop worrying. Positive thought is everything.


  • I would have thought, that 4 weeks post-ablation, you will be absolutely fine. It will be the perfect time to have a relaxing holiday. You will find that you need to learn how to pace yourself.

    I had a GA and was told not to drive for 2 days. It was day 4 before I felt like driving to our town, 3 miles away.

    Very best wishes.

  • I was fine days after my ablation for bad AF. Just had a few days off work, then went for a 5-day break in Seville in 2nd or 3rd week. You've got a month between the ablation and going away, I can't see a problem, and you're still in the UK.

    Have a good break


  • I am 4 and a half weeks past ablation and would definitely be up to a break away in fact it will be a lovely distraction. Make sure you take any contact numbers you may need such as that of the arrhythmia nurse. You will have a great time. This weekend I am travelling 5 hours up country to lovely lancashire for a friend's 50th birthday party and lots of visiting. I'm looking forward to it. X

  • I'm 4 weeks past second ablation, and I'm off to Costa Rica next week! Go, relax, and enjoy!

  • I am month post alblation and I am flying to Barbados on the 21st of April and TBH I am already getting anxious of any symptoms pre fligh time, I know probably sounds daft but a couple of flights last year I had AF whilst at the airport, one stopped prior to getting on the flight but the other ( Mexico) was still going an hour into the flight, not an experience I want again.

  • Ive never been brave enough to go outside of Europe since Ive had AF. Looking forward to going a bit further if all goes well with ablation. Good luck Mick. Hope you have a great holiday AF free

  • Mick, enjoy Barbados, I love it there. You lucky thing!


  • Thanks Pat

    Certainly looking forward to it, just hope things stay in check next few weeks from my ablation.

    Be nice to be able sneak a few beers in, been teetotal since New Year's Day.

  • Thank you everyone. Youve no idea how much youre helping me. Great looks like I can have a little holiday soon ☺

  • I went to Greece approx 4 weeks after mine

  • Oh good. Fingers crossed then if all goes well Ill be able to have that short break. Something to look forward to x

  • Sounds like a nice recuperation for you. You are in the UK so able to go to the nearest hospital if you were to have any issues. Enjoy yourself and I hope the weather is good to you.


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