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Is it normal to get worse after ablation?

Had my first ablation on 4th Feb, and since then the AF is much more frequent, back to hospital twice, had to call an ambulance once for fear of passing out (heartrate in the 200's) and was admitted for the night and it was 10 hours in all before back to normal speed. bisoprolol has been doubled since. More, but less severe and much shorter runs since. Hoping this is not out of the ordinary following the 'disruption' of an ablation...

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Maybe a bit OTT but not uncommon. Do you not have access to an arrhythmia nurse to call when you have worries? It takes at least three to six months for the heart to heal as should have been explained to you so these things do happen for a while.



Thanks Bob, yes i do have a contact who suggested i doubled up the bisoprolol if things get 'troublesome' . There was also talk of a 2nd heartbeat after the bad episode (but sadly this does not mean i might be a timelord) so i think i'm being seen in the next few weeks rather than the June appointment originally scheduled.

Just wondered if others have had similar experiences.


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