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Just a quick query......

Does anyone know, or has anyone considered, why the CHADVASC assessment for stroke risk does not take into consideration a person's lifestyle?

Surely someone who is an overweight, smoking, drinking couch potato has a higher risk of stroke?

It is a shame, because these poor people have no incentive to improve their well being.

If I was a smoker with AF for instance, I would think, well, smoking doesn't make a difference to my stroke risk so I'll carry on and not stress myself by attempting to stop.

Any Thoughts?

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If they are an overweight smoking drinking couch potato they are already catered for within the CHADSVASC system as they will have congestive heart problems high blood pressure and most likely diebetes as well.


PS if they are heavy drinkers there is an argument for them NOT to be anticoagulated as this could lead to internal bleeding and death.


Consultants I have heard talking about Chads Vasc make the point that some of the items included are modifiable so patients should be re-assessed from time to time. Of course some, like age!!. can't be changed

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My consultant said he uses CHAD score as a guide and takes other factors into account, but don't know if that includes obesity, diabetes and smoking? I think patients should be asked to complete a Health Needs Assessment to capture all health issues physical and psychological, to enable health care professionals to better understand what impact heart arrythmia is having on the individual and their family - including any financial implications. This should help ensure the patient Is linked in with appropriate health care professionals and given additional motivation to improve their wellbeing. just a thought!

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My EP has always ignored my CHADS score, which has always been zero, and I have been anti-coagulated since my first diagnosis almost 12 years ago (age 53).


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