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Hi has anyone taking rivaroxaban had a tooth removed, and how long before should you stop taking it .

I think it only last in the system for 24 hours. I will ask the dentist, but would like your views on this.My dentist has said it would be best to have it remove at hospital. Also the injection should be adrelian free

Some years ago I had endocardits so am being extra careful, also open heart surgery for mitral valve repair, I am in PAF now, and worry a little about any procedure. Regard Val

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With your history I'm not surprised you worry. Since the drug has a very short half life 24 hours seems about right but I agree that maybe hospital would be a good idea especially if your dentist is worried about it. Endocarditis can be caused by tooth infections so best to be prepared with all the right antibiotics if needed.



Thanks for your reply and advice , always good to have information from like people. Regards val


Hi, I am on Rivaroxaban and had a wisdom tooth out last week. Although I was told to continue taking the medication as normal I decided to take 10mg rather than 20mg the night before (dental appt was at 9am). They used adrenaline in the injection and I didn't have any problems at all - although I am aware some members on the forum have reported adrenaline injections aggravated their AF.

After removing the tooth the dentist inserted a stitch. I rested quietly for a couple of days and only experienced slight oozing from the wound bed intermittently during the first 24 hours for which I was given some sterile pads to gently bite on. I never had any pain afterwards, just felt tired but I was also just getting over flu! wishing you well.


Hi thanks for your reply, all of which is really helpful, I have only 20mg rivaroxaban but will ask about having the 10 mg.I think I will have antibiotics first as I think there is an infection, this is the second one in the last month the dentist thinks the root is cracked under my crown.Always something sent to try us, with AF nothing is simple, but onwards with a smile many thanks for you help. regards Val


Hi, I have a tablet cutter and just cut it I half. I am not saying what I did is recommended - it's just what I chose to do! Probably best to discuss with your GP. Wishing you well.


Do take max care with your dental hygiene, I think teeth/gum issues have some influence on AF or AF/drugs weaken the body's response to deal with infection/decay as efficiently as normal.

My AF started in 2008 and since then I have had root fillings and many more visits for decay.


Thanks for you reply I am always very careful after having endocarditis , and as you say drugs and getting older weaken the body . regards Val


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