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Hi All

Returning my event recorder tomorrow and with (Sod's law) no symptoms to record, well I don't think I have. Definitely no fast HR, just the odd flutter/palpitations. I don't know significant the symptoms need to be to have to record them. Kind of wanted to have symptoms to record, so they had something to look at, but hey that's good news I suppose, but probably soon as I hand it back things will change - psychological? (who knows)

Best wishes - Ally ?

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  • Ally I really don't know why they don't give every AF patient one as it seems to guarantee that we don't have any symptoms! lol


  • Think I may hang on to it Bob! Lol

  • I agree with Bob, whenever I have an event recorder I feel wonderful and have so much energy I could climb a mountain. It's the same when I go to see my EP, I'm on top of the world and brimming with health. Grrrrrr!!

  • I know so typical! 2 whole weeks & no significant symptoms to record - yes grrrrrrr!!

  • When I had my week-long event recorder I had things happening which

    I had not been aware of, so that may be the case for you.

  • Probably - think one just gets used to it & can't tell what's right & what's wrong, unless symptoms are severe.

    Best wishes

  • I found the same as you when I was fitted with a heart monitor, but the medics did pick up things I wasn't aware of. I bought an AliveCor to try and capture my rhythm when I get times when I have unusual symptoms but to be honest with you, they are frequently so fleeting by the time I've registered the symptoms are occurring and get the recorder out the event has passed! I have recorded my ECG a few times with the AliveCor and will be interesting to see if provides my consultant with any additional information? I don't bother to record symptoms that I live with everyday - I'd be attached to it most of the time and I don't want this condition to have even more of an impact on my life than it does already!

  • Exactly - you can think about it too much, as it can't help with the anxiety of it all - it can take over your life if you let it!

    Best wishes

  • I had one fitted for a week a couple of years ago. And all I got was a tiny weeny little twitching under my left arm pit. I recorded that even though it seemed like a waste of time. Lo and behold, it was diagnosed as AF and I had an ablation on the basis of that record. :-)


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