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A possible helpful hint for those of you that think AF might be triggered by sleep apnoea


I am going through the menopause at the moment and as a result having hot flushes,particularly at night my husband has set up a small fan in our bedroom ( you don't really need to know all this ,but just setting the scene)

My oxygen levels at night are never more than 93% and have gone down as low as 82% at one time ,measured on my pulse meter. Since I've had the fan in the bedroom ( 2 weeks ) my oxygen level is at 98 - 99%. I am sleeping and feeling much better and not snoring at all -not that I knew I did ,this is just hubby saying that we often have a jumbo jet in our room. I used to wake with a start after stopping breathing which would often bring on AF. and other arrhythmias.

I cannot say whether it would help stop an episode of AF ,flutter,tachycardia as I have had an ablation which seems to have cured it but I know in my case that sleep problems ,probably sleep apnoea brought it on.

Just thought I'd share this with you ,might help somebody. I hope it does .


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Oh wow - that's really really worth a try x thanks ann

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Let us know if you try it and if it makes any difference to you.Good luck.


Thanks for the useful tip Fi. I think meditation/relaxation techniques can also help sleep apnoea or symptoms like it. I was tested for apnoea early this year but told I was OK and lifestyle changes and Mg supplement seem to have removed the issues.

I'm sure you're right .Its such a complex condition and affects us all so differently that everything and anything is worth a try to see if it helps.



Ihave and aFib, had an ablation for Aflutter a year ago.

Since my son wears a mask at night for sleep apnea and I've heard of quite a few Afib patients with sleep apnea on another chat room, I requested and had a sleep session to see if I had apnea.

It turns out I do and underwent another session to see type of mask and amount of air I need.

Fortunately I only need a nasal mask , it's supposed to be easier to get used to.

You might see if you are continuing to have apnea as one doesn't need to snore to have it. All I can say is that after wearing the mask for one night I felt more refreshed the next day. Hopefully my heart will calm down a bit when I start wearing the mask every night.

Heather R

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Hi Heather how do you go about getting a sleep session

I requested that my cardiologist refer me for a sleep study but you can also ask your primary Dr. to refer you. I'm in the states so it may be different procedure in England but I would start with one of these Drs.


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