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anaesthetic and AF

I had to have a small operation on my nose last week and have to have a full anaesthetic. WOW did it knock me for six!!! I experienced AF for four days afterwards that completely poleaxed me. At the time I thought it was the OP that was causing it but the more I think about it and research it, I am convinced it was the anaesthetic.

Any thoughts or similar experiences anyone?

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This may be true as some people can react ion that way. It may also have been to do with adrenaline which is used to reduce blood flow. It is always worth talking to your surgeon first about such problems as there are often alternatives. Local anaesthetics containing adrenaline are not advisable during dentistry for example if you have AF.



that's useful to know- re adrenaline


Too true. I had to have some dental work a year ago, and I had probs during and after the dental work with STRONG local aneasthetic. The dentist told me she had to use that. Other times during lighter local anesthetic I still felt lousy afterwards. I now steel myself for any dental work.


Poor you - might have been the adrenaline. I had a topical anaesthetic (with adrenaline) applied after a nosebleed and had a racing heart for 5 to 10 minutes and felt woozy.

Also I had a dental filling with non-adrenaline anaesthetic and found that it wasn't as effective as I was used to, prior to having AF. So, I'm a bit nervous about a dental appointment on Monday to have a large, curvy-rooted tooth taken out. . .


My AF first appeared after a mastectomy. I've had a couple more operations since then and AF has always been worse post op. It's much calmer now and I have declined any further uneccasary ops, (who needs a nipple at 66!). I think that anaesthetic definitely affects my AF,


I was told before a big operation that the anasthaetic would bring on AF and indeed it did, medics were worried but I was so woozy I didn't care!


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