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Hi Bob,as mentioned before ,my AF is becoming more frequent,which makes me worry more,and need constant reassurance,I have had a slight murmur for years,it was found when I went to hospital once about something else when i was about 25,when i saw my EP after being told I have AF,he listened to my heart,there were students in the room at the time,and said it was benign,when he arranged for an echo he ask if the valve was leaking,and it was slightly,now I understand that as have not got a valve problem,i ask the nurses and they said most people as they get older will have a bit of wear and tear when it comes to valves,so still confused as to wheather the leaky valve is what they talk about when assessing the chad score.

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I understand where you are coming from but it is important to move forward. AF may be in your life but it should not be all of your life. Chads doesn't specifically deal with valvular problems but the C is for congestive heart problems. H is hypertension (high blood pressure) A is age, D diabetes S is stroke so score one for any of those conditions. Note controlled BP is still a score of 1 .

My advice would be to make sure that you are properly anticoagulated regardless of Chads score and speak with your EP about how you are going to move forward.



thanks Bob


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