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Could someone tell me please,when I read about ablation not always working,maybe,maybe not,I think to myself,thats not good enough,why some and not others,so I find that a reason not to put yourself through it,, I know if you are affected bad you would try anything,but i havent reached that stage yet,anyway I was speaking to someone who has AF,and she said to me why dont you have an ablation before it gets worst,which has got me thinking,I get that bit,I know there is more chance of it working the less time you have had it,but after reading more about it,please tell me if I have got this bit wrong,is it a case of AF origin,therefor that would make more sense to me as to why people have it done,please dont tell me its pot luck.

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I think the problem is that few hearts are the same as we are all different. What works for one may not for another and there is no way of knowing till you get inside and dirty. Also some people (like me) heal overly well making permanent scar tissue more difficult and needing more than pone procedure.

You are quite right that the sooner you have it done the better the chance of success so in my view it is a no brainer.



Thankyou Bob


I agree with Bob. (I'm fairly new here and have noticed he is very knowledgeable) Thank you Bob!

Plus AF is so different from person to person. My 6 month checkup will be in Feb. and I have a sneaking feeling I will need another ablation for some "spot welding". I was reluctant to get the ablation done - mostly fear and anxiety thinking about someone permanently scarring the inside of my heart - but when I met with my EP the first time he explained the procedure in detail so I could understand everything. He also said I was a good candidate since the AF was still paroxysmal and I am otherwise healthy - who knows in the future I could have diabetes or something else that would put my chance of success at a lower percentage. Talk with your EP and educate yourself as much as possible - hopefully that will put you at ease a bit.


A bit like adding salt, it's best to do too little rather than too much, so an EP will perhaps go what is hoped to be far enough. If it works that's great but it may need adjustment later.

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I am 7 weeks post second ablation for long term AF..

However.. I suffered Tempernade, they nicked my heart lining with the metal catheter.. Had to have a heart drain inserted, ..was told afterwards, that I went back into AF .. Because of this and ended up with a cardio version,

I was in extreme pain for several weeks due to the insertion of a drain. As they tried several places to get one in., I was black and blue..

Prob due to the Warfarin.. I take..

They must have put me to sleep to do this .. As with ablation I only get a sedative..

After all this and a longer than expected stay in hospital .. I had another AF attack last week..

what hope I had left of a AF free life,, has slowly disappeared,

I am considering going down the Magnesiium route..

I do not want to be on Warfarin and sotolol .. For the rest of my life..

Any one tried magnesium and had successful results?


I think a factor in the success or otherwise of ablation may also be due to the location of the rogue impulses.

I understand that a very high percentage of AF starts from impulses around the Pulmonary veins and the ablation creates circles of scar tissue surrounding the veins.

However I believe AF can start elsewhere in the heart as well as (or instead of) the PV's. I do not think that is as easy to ablate but perhaps someone with more knowledge than me can confirm or correct.


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