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On discovering this wonderful site recently, my problem was definitely halved. Specifically, after having had an AV ablation last month, I found myself struggling to do much of anything because my Pacemaker seemed to be stuck on 80 bpm. Twice I collapsed in public, once when I hurried up a flight of steps to catch a train and the second when I had to hurry across a very wide and busy road. Embarrassing and not a little scary! After that, I was afraid to do much of anything. When I posed my problem on this site, I got a lot of very supportive answers, which helped a lot, even though they didn't throw a light onto exactly why my heart rate would not budge off 80, neither up nor down. Well, yesterday I had a PM reading and guess what? When I had the ablation, they DID NOT TURN ON THE RATE RESPONSE!!!. The technician, who did the reading, was quite taken aback. And I even more so. Either it was a case of negligence or they simply didn't bother to tell me that they felt it necessary to restrict my heart rate during recovery. If the latter was the case, I could have been spared a lot of grief because I would have been aware of my temporary limitations. I will probably never know. However, the important thing is that the PM has now been programmed for 130/60, which should be good because I rarely let my pulse rate go above 120, bearing in mind that I am 75. I will have to cross that very wide and busy road again this afternoon and it will be interesting and, I hope, encouraging to see how I fare.

In the meantime, thank you, everyone, for your interest and your support. I will access this site again in the future to report how things are going.

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I think there is a possibility that they did this deliberately to allow the heart to settle down in the first few weeks. I am not doubting your word but I do think this may highlight the importance of always having a friend or relative at every appointment as I know that it is all too easy to be overwhelmed with all the information which hits us at this sort of time. I know than my wife was able to tell me lots of things which I had not picked up on from time to time and add in the medic-speak or jargon which pours from their mouths and it is not difficult to miss things. At least you are on the road to recovery now!


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Thanks, Bob. I honestly was told nothing about it. I am totally cool with these procedures, because I have had so many now and, also, I am very careful to ask about what I can or cannot do. And if I don't understand the "medic-speak", I ask. The fact is, I left hospital without ANY instructions, any do's or don'ts, apart from the suggestion that I take it easy for a few days and the DVLA not allowing me to drive for one week.

My husband had an angioplast and, later, a rotablation at St. Thomas's Hospital, in London, and, on both occasions, he came home with a list of what he could or could not do, and all sorts of advice pertaining to the aftermath of both procedures. I was given nothing at the hospital I attended. Anyway, as you so rightly say, I am now truly on the road to recovery. So, come on LIFE, come and GET me!!


Thank you for such an interesting and informative post. It all adds to our knowledge and that's so important.

Very best wishes.


That really is appalling in my view. We should all get very clear post procedural information. if not before the date as well. Having said that my original ablation left me with no real support but that was nearly 8 years ago and we should have come on a long way since then.


Glad things have turned out good in the end and pleased that all your problems appear to have been resolved. On the question of any advice

been given, I had none, nobody said anything before during or after my

ablation apart from what could go wrong. Any advice I got came from

the very helpful people on this site and Im thankful for their support.

I often think how strange it is to have so much help and support from

people we really dont know. Take care on that road Josskins, good luck



Thanks, guys,

Today is the ultimate test for me. I have to cross that same evil-minded crossroads that almost sealed my fate two weeks ago. I will post the result here tomorrow. (assuming that my renewed confidence doesn't get me run over in the process!).



Hi, hope you managed to get across the road ok.

I have a pacemaker, it is set at 75, and as far as I know is still rate responsive. Mind you if I go tachycardic it still goes as originally pacemaker was for slow pulse. I am 12 weeks post ablation and am still having to take it easy


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Eileen, I thought that you underwent pace/ ablate some years back. Is it normal to require a further ablation ? Sandra


I did say I needed another part switched on. My advice was to contact pacemaker dept. I think bob is right minimal set to see how heart responds.


It now makes sense to me! Thanks.


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