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Hi,i am 60 on monday,known about my AF for 3 years,first year in deniel,second year bad attack put on bisoprolo,sill had attacks but coped ok because they were once a month,lately more attacks GP said more bisprolo now on 3.75 daily so far no awarness of attacks,but this has caused severe worry for me,i am thinking what when the pills dont work,i cant carry on with my heart going so madi am so scared,all i think about is AF,i an due to move soon to relocate but i dont know i i can go through with it as i will be away from family,i am filled with doom,please tell me it gets easier.

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Yes, it does get easier to cope with AF. There are lots of ways forward, so banish that sense of doom. There's plenty of good advice on this forum and I'm sure reassurance is about to come your way.

And have a great day on Monday!


So sorry that you feel so worried about things but I can understand it

when your health is a problem at the moment. I would only say that

so many times on this site being told af only gets worse, I convinced

myself a few times they were wrong but they were right. You need to

get it sorted out now, have you seen a cardiologist if not then you

should and he will advise you on the best course of action. If you

are moving to a new area it could be that the help you need might be

even more accessible you will have to look into that, if you ask the

questions on this forum you will get lots of good advice. Cheer up

and start getting that advice asap. Shirley.


PS. Have a great day Monday.


First have a great birthday on Monday and try not to worry.

Secondly most GPs are not very good at treating AF as they do not have the experience so I would urge you to see a cardiologist at the very least and preferably an electrophysiologist who is an expert in rhythm disorders. I wonder if you have been assessed for stroke risk by the CHADS2VASC system as this is very important as AF is a prime cause of stroke. AF is almost always progressive which is why it is important to be seen by a specialist so do speak to you doctor about a proper treatment plan.

Yes it does get easier to cope with AF but knowledge is so important as we all need to drive our own treatment rather than being passive and expecting others to look after us. It seldom happens! Read all you can from the main AFA website fact sheets and then go and bang some desks till you get the action you deserve.



yes i have seen the EP,doesnt seem concerned,i am now on 3.75 bisoprol daily and asprin but i feel very afraid.


Please don't be afraid. There are so many of us with this condition, you are not alone we are all here for you. Just try to carry on with your life as best you can. Are you saying that you don't have any symptoms of having AF, like tiredness, breathless etc?

Best wishes



i have palpations


forgot to say score is 1 for being female


It is worth seeing if any lifestyle changes may help- I found my potassium levels were low when AF bad enough to need A and E and since starting high potassium foods ( jacket potato, mushroom, bananas orange juice) and nuts to ensure enough magnesium, stopping any high sodium food ( get rid of processed foods ) I have been much better. Also exercise ( don't overdo) and plenty of sleep!!

Don't be scared there are loads of people on here who will offer advice


Hi Atrial fib

You say you have seen an EP? that's a specialist cardiologist and "he's not concerned", well if it is an EP you have seen, then I suggest changing to a new one as you need to be in treatment program and have a joint plan of action going forward.

But don't be scared please, as one US doctor so succinctly says, AF is seldom fatal, it just feels that way at the time.

You need to read all you can about the condition, that will help to calm your fears, and above all you need a doctor (EP) you trust and who you have confidence in their treatment plan. We are all different, but we all have similar symptoms, so feel free to ask away here.

You know my feelings about anti-coagulation, score of 1 no contest get on it quick.

Be well



well when a saw my EP i was 57 he said i was young,and no other problems,i said i didnt want to take warfrin at the time,so he said ok,i wasnt having many symptoms at the time,but i an worried now and want to get on it,because i feel the more i have it the more chance of a stroke,its all so confusing,the person that made a comment on what i said about the stroke risk diifference between PAF AND permenant AF where does the chas score come into it,i feel i need to understand everything,i feel im going mad sorry.


Poor you. You have my sympathy. I know exactly how you feel.

At the moment my persistent AF is just about the only thing on my mind. The anxiety is awful.

I just try to keep going but have to rest quite a bit too.

All I can say about Bisoprolol is that it does nothing for me except make me feel awful !!

Five weeks ago my Cardiologist took me off Bisop and I now feel to have more energy.

Seeing the Cardiologist again tomorrow to decide what the next step is for me.

Good luck , I hope you soon feel a bit better. Bebe.


I agree with most of what people have already said. When you have relocated look up, on this site, where and who your nearest EP is and ask your new GP to refer you. I was on bisoprolol until I saw EP who put me on Verapamil, that was in June and I feel so very much better.

The anxiety is awful and so time consuming. We grow up hearing about how important our hearts are and then when ours starts acting up we are encouraged to believe its nothing to worry about!

The good news is that when they suggest Warfarin you can worry about that instead, it is a great help but like other aspects of this condition it has its downside.

Do please allow yourself to enjoy your birthday. Best wishes.


Oh, how I like your comment soupersue. There are lots of lucky people on this forum who go for an INR test and it's fine and they think warfarin is easy, no worries, what's the problem with it, can't understand what's difficult, happy to go off for an aeon before the next test....

It's not like that for those few of us for whom every INR test is a big hurdle and an opportunity to displease or be displeased.

Sorry to digress, atrialfib. If you haven't seen an EP for three years and you are relocating, perhaps this is a chance to review and start afresh. Monday starts a new decade for you and an opportunity to gain control over your heart's palpitations with appropriate and effective medication. See what can be done to improve your situation, and, with the help of a GP and EP and support from this forum, turn the page. Be in charge and you'll hopefully find worries no longer prey on your sense of well being.


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