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More Studies

These studies can drive one crazy. You think you are doing the right thing and a study comes along that makes you wonder. For those who like reading these, fill your boots.

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I found the first article most interesting - that dabigatran has a higher bleeding risk that warfarin. As it says in the report: the study prompts “cause for concern because it appears that the bleeding risk for dabigatran is higher than for warfarin and significantly greater than [it] originally appeared at the time of the FDA approval.”

I think there was a lot of pressure from the manufacturer to ensure the results of the trial which led to the approval of dabigatran were as favourable as possible. This has been shown in legal cases in the US.

I don't think the NOACs are actually superior to warfarin in effectivemess. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to each. I think warfarin can be made superior to the NOACs if its concentration in the blood is carefully controled - i.e. through INR control. There is no such test for the NOACs currently. Internal tests at the manufacturer have shown dabigatran to be more effective if its blood concentration is controlled. But that of course goes against the main selling point of dabigatran that it doesn't need testing!



All very true Mark and valid comments. I am ever mind-full of the adage "This years fact is next years myth" which currently seems to sum up most AF research at the moment. It is still all very new science after all. While knowledge is power too much is an



Interesting, thank you for posting.


It does seem to show age is a factor to the different type of anti coag used so maybe they need to look at the advantage to age as well as the bleed risks. Not as has been said there does need to be a test system in place no matter what you are taking!

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Thanks for sharing


All drugs. Have a monetary application. And it has been proved beyond all doubt that for instance " statins" have ruined peoples lives!! See the billion dollar settlements against baycol etc etc.. I truly think all modern druga s are very suspect. But I cannot offer a truthful alternative so far!