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Do you take digoxin?

AF Association has been approached by an artist undertaking a long term study on plants used in medicines. The project will be exhibited next year at the Oxford Botanic Garden.

The criteria is as follows:

"I would like to meet someone who has taken in the past or is currently on Digoxin and who would be happy to be interviewed about their experience of atrial fibrillation and of taking the medication. The interview will feature as part of the exhibition and a future website. The person interviewed will choose whether or not they wish to remain anonymous. They do not have to be particularly knowledgeable about the drug: I am interested in hearing their experience as a patient (good or bad!) and I have already interviewed a clinician about the subject. I will travel to the person to make the interview, at a place of their own choosing."

If you would be interested in taking part please email

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I've used digoxin over a 10 year period. I've also had a catheter ablation procedure that has so far stopped my AF. I stopped using digoxin as it did nothing but cause differing levels of digoxin poisoning, I think I built up an intolerance to it over the years. So happy I am not taking it anymore.


I tried to email Vicki but the message was rejected. I have just come off fairly long-term Digoxin, having had an AV ablation two weeks ago. I would be most interested in taking part in this study should my experiences prove to be of any use to you, I am an artist/artisan, living in Canterbury. My email is


Hi, Vicki's email address is:

God luck!


Thanks, JoJerrome!

I tried that but it came back to me. Anything to do with being in France, maybe? Anyway, Vicki and I have since managed to make contact and I now await the outcome with interest.



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