Hi, Well what a day to get your ablation date, 27th October, I must

admit to being more than a little apprehensive but the posts have

been informative and lets face it I knew the downsides anyway.

I know from the reading Ive done on this site that for all the bad

outcomes there are plenty of successful ones. So I will be crossing

my fingers and praying Im one of those.


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  • Good balanced attitude Shirley....I never gave failure a second thought until I was about to get wheeled down there lol but as I've said before the alternative for me was permanent drugs which I don't want.....good luck with yours :-)

  • That's not too long to wait. Do hope all will go well and there are no hiccups beforehand.

  • Thanks loo you made me smile thats just my attitude, thats not to

    say other views are not understandable and justified.

    After two hiccoughs already Im hoping its 3rd time lucky. Rellim

    thanks. Shirley.

  • Good luck shirly,there,s nothing to worry about honest it,ll be over before you know it

  • . Not too long to wait and all over by Christmas. Lucky you x

  • Goodness, what timing and only 2 weeks to wait. I hope all goes well for you Shirley. xx

  • Good result then!

  • :-)

  • Good luck. Please let us know how you get on.

  • Nice length of time to sort yourself out then you will be back home before you know it. Good luck.

  • oH BEST WISHES!!!!!! Third time lucky!

  • Good luck Shirley. Will look forward to hearing your progress report.

    Jean x

  • Good luck Shirley


    Jo x

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