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I've had some type of unexplainable heart issue. ER can't determine the problem but persist I'm suffering from anxiety. I use to have severe heart palpitations every couple of minutes for over 2 months. Now my average heart bpm is between 51-58 bpm. I'm not exactly sure about my resting heart rate but as I try to sleep I feel my body temperature dropping and a sudden pain in my heart. I feel it radiating through out my chest and arms. I suddenly wake up with a feeling of faint, and I find myself trying to regain consciousness. Not sure what it is but it hurts my chest and heart tremendously. If anyone has ever suffered from this type of problem can you please explain to me what this can mean??

32 Y.O male, former smoker of about 6 years on and off. Only recently began doing minor exercises, walking every other day for 30 minutes. My heart rate can drop instantly from 90 bpm to 55 bpm in a matter of few seconds. Body starts feeling cold and I get dizzy with chest pains.

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  • From your mention of ER you are in USA I guess. You really need to see a specialist and get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. It doesn't sound anything like AF to me but could be an allied problem. Don't delay. Make an appointment to see a cardiologist today.


  • Thankyou sir for the advice. I've made the appointment few weeks ago but have to wait a couple of months before I can see a primary care physician. I don't know what this problem is but it wakes me up every night multiple times, feeling like my heart has paused for a moment. Honestly feel like I'm going die in my sleep but the ER can't find a problem and I've already went 6 times in 2 months.

  • Just wondered if it could be sleep apneoa. Look that up and see if it fits you.


  • Yes obstructive sleep apnea fits the description well. At 5'8 160 lbs, I've brought it to the doctors attention in the ER and they said since I'm not over weight there's no possible way it can be sleep apnea. So they ran me off to see the psychiatrist. I've been doing throat exercises and now my airways don't get blocked as much. Still, it feels like my heart slows down on me.

  • What? A psychiatrist?? That's a disgrace! Here in the UK you would be referred to a consultant in respiratory medicine for a sleep test. Also they measure your neck circumference.

  • Hello there.. Yes, I'm very ignorant to the medical field but by your statement that sounds more like the appropriate thing to do. The doctors here continuously kept insinuating that I'm suffering from anxiety. Which I'm not sure what to believe anymore but I'm rudely awakened every night by a spasmed heart. Most tests they've given me only showed that I'm not suffering from any illnesses. Difficult for me to accept that. Only for the fact chest pains, lungs collapsing, heart palpitations, dizziness and fighting to regain consciousness is affecting my daily life. It's bringing pain to my heart causing my heart to feel enlarged and weak. I don't know anymore.. My appointment with a primary care physian is in a couple of months. Feels like my heart may stop before then but it's something I have to live with in the USA. Well, by force anyway.

  • I would definitely keep after it. Doesn't sound like what happens for me when I have AF episodes, but regardless it seems that something isn't right. Best wishes! - KeL

  • Thankyou.. I'll try to stay alive for couple more months until I'm able to see a doctor. LOL

  • Hi Pete. Is it any wonder you are feeling anxious when your heart is not behaving properly?! Is there any way you can gee up your appointment to see your primary care physician? Anne

  • Hello, i use to feel anxious but now I only allow for the pain to radiate through my heart and upper body. I allow myself to become nearly unconscious for a few seconds until my heart beats normally again. I've learned to accept the heart spasm with a smile now. If it comes, at least I'll be happy instead of upset. Sounds weird but being able to survive through each one makes me appreciate the next few hours of life much more. I've actually bumped my appointment much closer from 4-6 months to 2 months. That's the best they'll do for me. It's OK, life is temporary.. Not necessary to fight so hard for a short term gift. While alive I only enjoy the knowledge and want to know my issue. Maybe I can help educate someone else. That would make me feel much better than fighting for my life.

  • Just a little suggestion to see you through while you wait for your appointment - have you tried putting your head a little higher at nights. A good way to do this is to raise the head of your mattress rather than extra pillows i.e. put an extra bolster underneath the head of the mattress. Hope this helps.

  • Hello, for over a couple of months now, I've actually been sleeping on my side at a very high incline. From the waist up sits very high. Very unorthodox and uncomfortable position but it helps with my lungs and breathing. Plus my heart doesn't hurt as much when it's radiating. I use to get very scared to sleep in another position. Now, i just don't think about tomorrow. It eases my mind.

  • I am not sure if my own experience has any connection with what you describe, but my Electro physiologist advised me that on an ECG a medic/physician probably wouldn't have picked up the abnormality. I have, I understand, a rare heart condition where although in AF my ventricles beat slowly due to some diseased patches in the electrical conduction pathway. Sometimes I feel unwell, lightheaded. On rare occasions I may feel faint. I used to get a lot of chest pain/discomfort but this has improved, I think because I pace my activities more and my sleeping pattern has improved.

    From your description I would think referral to a consultant electro physiologist would be beneficial to help confirm a diagnosis. Wishing you well and hat you get some answers to your health issues soon.

  • Hi, thankyou for that advice. I'll TRY to mention it to the doctor but before I've been confronted with a rude response as to I shouldn't diagnose myself or sound as if I know more than the doctors. It does feel that my heart isn't receiving enough electrical charges. If that makes any sense. I'll bring it to their attention though. I wish you well also.

  • Dear Pete, to me it's not so much about self diagnosing, but feeling that you have been listened to. That things are explained and options about treatment clearly outlined so that any of us with health problems can make an informed decision about what to do. If too complex, that there is a consultant we have faith in to guide us. Wishing you well and you get some answers soon.

  • Hello there, i completely understand what you mean. After going to the ER 6 times in 2 months and being told the same thing that it's anxiety and being ran off to see a psychiatrist, i figured it's time I gave up on the American health system. THEY'RE NO GOOD. Yes, I'm still having major problems like this morning I had to fight to regain consciousness being awoken from my sleep. Thought I was going to die again. Half of my body fell paralyzed as I tried to force my brain to function. It's very consistent. So, I've decided to try to stay alive as long as possible and move out of the USA to seek a doctor else where, who would listen and try to help.

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