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CHAD-VASC Scoring. Is this something that only applies to people with AF or is it for anyone with a risk of stroke?

My score is 3 - Woman, High BP (although controlled), Diabetes 2.

The reason I ask this is that after my 2nd ablation I have not had any problems really and it is being considered that I come of meds in November (I thought it was Sept). My meds include warfarin. My thoughts are that if I am still at risk because of the score would you reckon they would keep me on it?

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  • You are right Froggy. Not having AF due to ablation does not remove the risk in the eyes of many experts. You can always stop warfarin but you can't undo a stroke. Your doctors may not agree but this is your choice as many of us post ablation have decided to stay on warfarin.


  • Thank you Bob. My GP said it would be good to stop all of my AF related meds which included warfarin. I am so glad that I thought about this and for your response x

  • I am on the ablation trail awaiting my call to arms, gulp. When discussing options, ablation, pace and ablate or continue with rate and rhythm control drugs the consultant said whichever route I take I am on anticoagulation for life. (I have a CHADs/VASC score of 3).

    No way would I stop taking them anyway, rather the risk of a bleed than a stroke.


  • Hi Dee - I've been wondering how you are these days. When is your ablation?


  • Hi Jean,

    I am awaiting a date for my ablation. Absolutely terrified about it. Dont think it will be long coming now. Hope you are well.

    Kind regards


  • Exactly the same with me. My score is 3 and E.P.says even after ablation I will be on it for life. I have that score as am female and have had a t.I.a. but no other problems at all. X

  • Thanks, another confirmation x

  • Thanks Dee - good luck in your decision making x

  • I am AF free after ablation, with no other heart problems, was off heart rate meds immediately but am over 65 and female so EP strongly warned me against coming off warfarin. Not that I would have even considered it, why leave it to chance.

    Best wishes

  • Froggy, I am the same as you, score of 3, due for ablation in October after my trip, and will stay on the drugs. What I take does not impact me as much as others, I dont know what it is, I take verapamil 240mg, and the plavix aka clovix as the anticoagulant, neither of these drugs worry me in the least, the verapamil is a blood pressure lowering drug but also controls the PAF, so dual purpose and the clovix/plavix gives me the greatest bruises, but at my age I am not out at bars picking up youngens so dont really care about the odd bruise except I look like a hospital escapee. I am glad I argued with the doctor over the ameroidone if that is how you spell it, I am minus 1 lung and that drug causes thickening of the lungs, so not much to fight with. Sometimes it is just good to get ideas and ask questions if it works good if it doesnt you have a fall back plan.

  • I am not on warfarin but Dabigatran and my only point is for being female so I am going to come off anticoags later in the year, if all goes well at my +6 month review. If my score was 3 I think I would continue to take them.

  • Why CDreamer? Are you having serious side effects with Dabigatran? Ablation is not a cure for AF; you have the same condition today that you had when you were first prescribed anti-coagulation. Why do you now want to increase your risk of stroke by 70% unnecessarily.

    Up to you, of course........

  • Because I need to take a cocktail of other drugs for my Mg and both my EP and my neurologist and GP for that matter agree I would be better not taking anticoagulants as my present risk profile is marginal. CHAD2VASC =1. Risk/benefit ratio for the drug cocktail I will be taking is not great. I gather one of the drugs already carries a bleed risk.

  • My EP kept my on aspirin / then warfarin after my successful ablation 8 years ago. And I have a CHADS/CHADSVASC score of zero.

  • Thank you for your responses. It has also occurred to me that I will be in the over 65 group in 18 months time too which will add to my score, making it 4! Blimey :-(

  • Hallo, my CHAD score was very low -1, but because I have fibrosis of both atrium the consultant felt I was at risk of a stroke and he took this into consideration when advising I take anticoagulants. I am more than happy to take the medication to reduce my risk of a stroke and I felt reassured that my consultant was looking at the bigger picture, as it were! my GP was also okay with prescribing Rivaroxaban one of the new anticoagulants. I was initially apprehensive but pleased not to have frequent appointments for blood tests and so far no side effects (6 months on).

  • I had ablation in November and taken off meds immediatly EXCEPT warfarin. I was advised by my EP to stay on that for life. Score 3.

  • These responses are extremely helpful, thank you all

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