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Here we go again!

Hi I had a cardio-version last November, it was amazing to be in NSR. Unfortunately it only lasted six months. I am now back on the wafrin and waiting another cardio-version. I went to see my consultant yesterday who has advised I look at something more permanent and she has referred me to the appropriate specialist? Does anyone know what this might be,my consultant said " wait while you see them...I don't want to tell you any wrong information as this is their field". I have no idea what it can be...can anyone help??? Thank you

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I can only guess but would imagine she would be talking about an ablation. I have had 2 procedures, the first one made things worse, this is a known possibility, but the second worked and now +4 months and no AF. This is known to be an effective treatment but even this may not be permanent and people often need to have multiple procedures, the highest I heard of was someone going for their 8th. If cardio version worked for you there is is a good chance an ablation will work. You will be referred to an EP (Electrophysiologist) who are the experts on the electrical systems of the heart.

If you look at the AFA website there is great leaflet you can download which explains all and there are also lots on the web so google ablation for AF and learn. Best wishes, I am going to my EP now in the hole of being signed off and able to become drug free after increasingly more intense and frequent episodes over the last 8 years, the latest info seems to recommends the earlier you have this procedure the more likely success.

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There is also an FAQ about ablation on the main posts page. I had three before I got sorted out but six years free of af is worth every minute.



Thank you x


My second ablation was in April, the doctor says I only had one problem vein or area?, I'm still getting af every day for 10-60min, but a doctor today says it's pointless going for a third ablation?


Does it affect your every day the moment i'm in permanent AF and I get so tired and out of breath....whether I'm busy or resting it's just the same, it's driving me mad!!!


Definitely sounds like a referral to an Electrophysiologist (EP) who performs amongst other things, ablations. I am awaiting my 4th and he is still confident about giving me respite from my persistent AF. The last one gave me 15mts of blessed relief.


Thank you I hope mine works...fingers crossed x


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