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Ptosis (drooping eyelid)

Just spent 2 days in local hospital after sudden onset of left eyelid closing uncontrollably and intermittent double vision which came on whilst driving, rather alarmingly. Very impressed how seriously the AEU took it. Had blood tests, seen 3doctors and 2 consultants, had an MRI scan, a CT scan and got an appointment to see a neurologist. Ruled out TIA, stroke, diabetes, vascular inflammation, infection and waiting on results for Myasthenia gravis (thought unlikely) and embolism. And I am told it could be just ageing. All the above was considered urgent because I was anticoagulated.

Although it seems I have another condition to contend with, just as the AF looks to be tamed for the moment, I couldn't have wished for better treatment so maybe there could be advantages to being anti coagulated. (Written withn1 eye closed so excuse mistakes!)

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That sounds scary CD. So sorry you have been through it and I do hope they find something soon. At least the MRI and CT scans came up negative which is good news. Had flashing lights once which they said was the gel moving in the eye due to ageing so I know scary.

Good luck and keep us informed.



It will be some time before the CT scan is reported on as that is what the Neurologist wanted and evidently the blood tests take some time so I won't know the results until I see the neurologist. Thank you for your good wishes.


Hi CDreamer How are you doing with all the tests you had I am having similar tests and was wondering about you.


Hi 4Blackbird, thanks for thinking of me. Scans came back clear, bloods showed I have Myasthenia gravis. Bit of a shock but 9 months on and I am being treated with immune suppressants and a drug called Pyridostigomine which hold the symptoms - muscle weakness & extreme fatigue - at bay. You think the AF meds are not nice?!

I came off all the AF meds early as Beta Blockers in particular are known to be incapacitate some Mg sufferers. Usual treatment is with steroids but that can exacerbate arrythmias - so we go round and round.

I got a lot worse Sept - Jan when I could do very little as Mg can be progressive - descending. Thankfully things have now improved and I can do most things, most days but just not for very long.

Thanks again for you best wishes - at least the AF has stayed away!


Sorry to hear what has happened to you and thank goodness you were given such amazingly thorough tests.

My brother had a similar thing happen to him, but it I believe it affected both of his eyelids which suddenly dropped for a few hours, his was diagnosed as a TIA.


Thanks guys it is a bit scary as I still cannot focus properly and there are a few things they are testing for you really would not want but I am hoping for the best and that it is something quite benign. Thanks for your support.


I get this intermittant. My left eye starts to close almost like it's tired but this is not for long. It was worse at night when it would twitch like mad and wake me up, and I was unable to open in it. I am 52 young, so I don't blame on old age. Lol


Thanks Poppyseed, that sounds very similar. I am about 10 years older. Mine started very suddenly, I have had dry, itchiness and sort redness around my eyes when I am tired for some time and just ignored it but this happened in the morning after a good nights' sleep and affected my ability to focus, my left eye is turning outwards, bit like a squint, so that looking with both eyes it sort of blurs and then goes out of focus, and when bad, I see double but one image above the other, not side by side, although closing each eye I can see OK. It is better in the morning and deteriates during the day and again, only in my left eye. If it had come on slowly over time or just when I was tired I would have ignored it, but I went to my local surgery asap after it happened and after examining me they just gave me an express referral to the RD&E. Just so impressed that it was taken so seriously.


I too have had the dry eye and itching. I focus is getting worse but is more permanent and I do get doubled vision but usually side by side. The eye clinic has offered no solutions yet for me. I do get 'eye hallucinations' which is scary


This is very similar to what happened to my husband some years ago. After being hospitalised he was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. The blood test takes some time to come up with the results, not an instant test. He was put on strong dose of steroids for a time which did the trick and then maintained on Micofenilate which he is now being weaned off of as well to take a much less potent drug Pirodistamine(spelling). He keeps well and still plays squash 3 times a week at 72. I hope this is not what your problem is, but I thought you would be interested just in case. Hope your well soon.



I am very interested, thank you so much for your post. I have been tested for Mysathenia gravis, it is good to know that there are options.


Wishing you a speedy recovery CDreamer. Docs will sort you out.



Hi CDreamer

I'm distressed to hear that yet another condition has developed for you to cope with..

Please keep us informed of the final diagnosis and I hope it'll be easily treatable.

I am very pleased that you've received such excellent treatment, which does inspire confidence and faith in the health professionals.

I send you my very best wishes for a speedy and successful outcome.

With blessings,



Thank you so much, I certainly will let you know but I am told that it may be several weeks before all the results come through.

You are all so kind and caring and it really does help to receive such a lovely response as it can feel quite lonely and a bit scary when these things happen.


Hi CDreamer!

You're more than welcome. My af seems to be unique - but then maybe everyone experiences it differently anyway. I'm 61 and live on my own and over the last three years have had a number of conditions develop that at the time seriously worried me (not including the AF), so I appreciate just how vulnerable and stressed these problems can make you feel. I'm personally very fortunate with my GPs, but from what I read of other patients' experiences I could wish that more doctors would recognise the emotional side of AF and other unpleasant, chronic conditions and perhaps be a little bit more sympathetic.

Look after yourself and I am sure you'll come out the other side of this stronger and more resilient - and able to counsel other sufferers, too. I've done the first two; not so sure about the third, though!

Again, with thoughts and blessings to you.

All good wishes,

Peter A


Sometimes being mortal is just the pits. But then it's better than the alternative-- for now!


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