So- ablation for paroxysmal AF. Realistically, how likely is it to work and how long could I be symptom and drug free if it is successful?

I know the answer is probably 'how long is a piece of string?' But I just want to try and gauge the likelihood of a positive outcome.I know, Bob, that you had it done a few years ago but are there anymore people out there in the forum who have had it successfully done and the positive results have lasted for a long time -let's say more than 5 years. I believe that there is quite ahigh chance of recurrence within a year and that a subsequent ablation may be needed but whether I need one or more goes at it, what are the chances of nailing this sucker for years? Also - any observations/comments about Dr Duncan and his success rates in Bristol?

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  • I had an ablation for 24/7 AF 10 years ago and stayed clear, without drugs, for 8 years. Now something else going wrong but not much AF.

  • Thanks Koll - useful to know. Im sorry you have something else going on now though. Hope it can be sorted?

  • I have had two ablations, one in 2011 and another in 2013. They have not cured my paroxysmal Af, but I do think I feel a lot better and when I walk up hills now my heart doesn't hammer in my chest like it used to, also I don't get so breathless..

  • I have Lone PAF. EP said yesterday would do a Pulmonary Vein Isolation (a burnt ring around them, I believe) but may need another op as difficult to tell if the ring is complete as during healing a gap could be created. Even if that's OK it may not be enough and more may have to be done to the heart to try to ring fence the offending bit.

    A friend with similar past symptoms has been fine after the op for 7 yrs and counting!

    My cardiologist said just stay on Flec as I am stable, the EP says have the op straightaway. My gut feel having done some research is that if your risks are low and there is a good chance of drug free post op, then op is best.

    No decision yet…….probably 9 months wait for NHS so may have to self fund. Anybody no a surgeon with a good record?

  • Hi,

    I had an ablation, elected to stay on Warfarin but not Beta Blockers and was fine for 5 years.

    Back on Beta Blockers now 2.5 Bisoprolol.

    Hope this helps,


  • I have three complex atrial arrhythmia's and EP says I will need 3 ablations to hopeful get up to 70% relief for up to 5 years thereafter . Heaven knows what then. Seems like I will spend a long time now waiting for ablation date, recovering from the last one and going through it all again and again. Not a bright prospect but then what else can I do. Not how I planned my early retirement but am grateful there is a treatment to hopefully help.

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