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Back from holiday and it was the best decision to go. Feel much better not having a blood pressure check or pulse check for a month, no tv or news papers either. Ok I did a lot of lying about and if a job was needed I could pass the tools or beer as requested and never really worked up a sweat.

Now in the real world. I saw my GP and the decision after the last cardioversion failure was to try drugs. So I have been put on Ramipril while continuing with the Pradaxa and Bisoprolol and taken off Amilodipine. Basically I think they feel that at 75yrs I am too old for a series of ablations especially as they don’t know how long I have had AF and I appear to have many pathways. The risk is not worth it unless I have a major problem. I just will have to accept that my brain may think my body can do all it did in the past but it can’t.

The main reason for the post though is to ask a question. My toe nails have gone white has anyone else had this? My finger nails are not as bad but show signs of white stripes long ways.

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Hi rjr681

I have not heard of white toenails for anything you are taking, I would go and see the doctor as it's either usually a fungal infection or a sign of blood not getting to the nails, which could be a whole load of reasons.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday and I think that was a great decision, I know lots of people worry about going, but everyone seems to say the benefits outweight the worries, so good on you.

Be well



Thanks Ian. I don't think it is a fungal infection as I believe that is normally not on all toes at once. Never thought it could be poor circulation perhaps associated with my AF. I did also wear flight socks for about 16hours on the trip home. ( you never know though it does sound daft ) I'll give it a bit of time and see what happens, if it's no better will see the Doc. At this rate I'll be on christen name terms with him. To think until a few years ago I wasn't sure where the surgery was..

Would certainly agree to going on holiday even doing very little like reading a book and being with other people takes your mind of it all.

Sorry I forgot to put a real name on my post and used the username.



Great news for the vacation... sounds like it should be repeated more often! I am sorry you are naturally disappointed by the refusal for the ablations, though they don't always work out either... if your meds are working, at least that is a good sign.

I've heard some have reactions with their nails due to the anticoagulants. Perhaps check with your Drs though. take care.


Thanks for the info re nails. i will have a chat with the doc when I see him in a couple of weeks. Next vacation planned for Aug until October depending on the weather for the finish date. For me vacations see to be an effective treatment if not a cure.

Thinking more about my nails I could always paint them. On second thoughts don't think I could stand the comments.

Take care, Ray


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